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Joshua Fernandes

Axelerant, Drupal Engineer

Greg Dunlap

Director of Strategy at Lullabot

Mike Herchel

Senior Front-end Developer at Lullabot

Philip Levy

Rapid Response Team Lead at Bixal

Emily Patterson

Founder of Bee Measure

David Minton

Managing Partner, DesignHammer

Rachel Kauff

UX Content Strategist @ CivicActions

Marissa Epstein

Senior UX Strategist, Lullabot

Meghan (Davis) Craft

Program Manager,

Kevin Walsh

Product Manager, CMS (CivicActions)

Gian Wild

CEO, AccessibilityOz

Rachel Hart

UI/UX Designer, Digital Services Georgia

Rebecca Mayeaux

Lead UX Strategist at Booz Allen Hamilton

Jim Vomero

Sr. Engineer at Four Kitchens

Ryan Learmouth

Product Strategy Lead, Bixal

Kevin McDermott

Design Strategist

Daniel Williams

USWDS Project Lead

Mohammed El-Khatib

Web Developer, Smithsonian Institution

Mike Madison

Manager, Technical Services @ Acquia

Beverly Lanning

Senior Technical Architect, Acquia

Monica S. Flores (she/her/hers)

Web Development to Make a Positive Difference

Paola Garcia Cardenas

Software Developer & Cybersecurity Advocate at Bixal

Wilfred Arambhan


James Mejia

USWDS front-end developer

AmyJune Hineline (she/her)

Community Ambassador and QA Engineer at Kanopi Studios

Rick Torzynski

ECS - Senior Drupal Developer

Scott Spector

Director of Accessibility and Quality at Taoti Creative

Bassam Ismail

Director of Frontend Services at Axelerant

Brian Tofte-Schumacher

Technical Architect, Forum One

Jen Lampton (she/her)

Open Source Evangelist

John Picozzi

Solution Architect - EPAM

Martin (mandclu) Anderson-Clutz (he/him) 💧

Solutions Engineer at Acquia

Organizer: Dori Kelner

Insightful Culture - soar higher, dream wiser

Mario Hernandez

Head of Learning

Solomon Gifford

Sr. Director, CMS Product Development

Rolando Scott

Director of Drupal Development at Taoti Creative

Benjamin "mlncn" Melançon (he/him)

@mlncn - worker-owner at Agaric Technology Collective and person who gives a damn

Emilie Nouveau

Engineer, CivicActions

Danny Englander (he/him)

Senior Drupal Support Engineer, Kanopi Studios

Nic Laflin

Founder - nLightened Development

Steven Luongo

Lead Drupal Developer, Wisconsin Department of Justice

Sebastian Zang

Wisconsin Department of Justice

Vera Lyalko

Bixal, Senior Backend Developer

Mauricio Dinarte (he/him)

Writing about Drupal Migrations at

Jeff Greenberg

Sr. Software Architect at Bixal Solutions

Bill Annibell, Session Monitor

Digital Polygon, COO & Chief Agilist

Suzanne Dergacheva

Co-founder at Evolving Web

Stephen Cross

Drupal Developer, ATF

Salim Lakhani (he/him)

CTO at DevPanel, AWS MSP

Ron Northcutt (he/him) @acquia

Director of Developer Advocacy, Acquia

Kim Casey


Christina Crawley

Managing Director, Marketing @ Forum One

Kanika M. Watson, APR

Director for Public Affairs, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Chris McInnis (he/him)

Account Director

Dave Shepley


Ann Lewis

Senior Advisor for Technology Delivery, SBA

Joseph Pond


Tori Garten

Chief, New Media & Web Policy Branch – NIAID/NIH

Elijah Lynn

DevOps & Software Engineer, Agile Six

Joel lehman


Brittany Bailey

Senior Project Manager, Taoti Creative

John Samuel


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