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Mitchel Sellers

Flying Code Ninja!

Ryan Moore

Moore Creative - DNN Integrators

Cassidi Peterson

Founder of 10 Pound Gorilla & DNN MVP

David Poindexter

CEO, nvisionative

Breanna Gilna

Creative Director at 10# Gorilla

Laura Pierson

UI/UX Designer | Front-End Developer

Daniel Mettler


Alessandra Davies

DNN Diva

Don Gingold

Co-Founder of Sprocket Websites, Inc. and Long-time DNN Community Member

Daniel Valadas

Web Developer

Chris Behling

Lead Front-End Developer at 10# Gorilla

David Rodriguez

CTO @ Intelequia | Microsoft Regional Director and Azure MVP

Dale Warner

Head of Support

Dustin Peterson

A Creative Critical Problem Solver

Aaron Lopez

Interface Developer

Josh Slaughter

Owner, Clicks & Mortar Websites

Nota Speaker

placeholder speaker

Peter Donker

Head of Development

Brad Mills

The Realities of DNN Evoq

Bogdan Litescu

CEO @ DNN Sharp & Plant an App

Clint Patterson

Chief Crunk Officer

George Cristian Grigore

Engineering manager

Mark Buelsing

DNN Integrator, website developer and host for churches and schools.

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DNN Association Inc

DNN Association is a 501(c)3 focused on providing educational events for users of the DNN Platform open-source project.

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Moore Creative

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