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DNN Summit 2021

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Ryan Moore

Moore Creative - DNN Integrators

Daniel Valadas

Web Developer

Will Strohl

Founder & CEO, Upendo Ventures

Ash Prasad

VP Product, DNN Corp

Chris Behling

Lead Front-end Developer, 10 Pound Gorilla

Laura Pierson

UI/UX Designer and Front-End Developer, 10 Pound Gorilla

Mitchel Sellers

CEO, IowaComputerGurus

Peter Donker

DNN Dev Lead

Mike Smeltzer

Founder & Leader Solution Developer @ Scotiacode

Cassidi Peterson

Founder, 10 Pound Gorilla

Jason St-Cyr

Technical Evangelist

TK Sheppard

Web Guy, nvisionative

Mandeep Singh

CEO & Founder,

Chris Hammond

I Know DNN

Alessandra Davies

DNN diva | Front-End Developer

Bogdan Litescu

Founder, DNN Sharp

David Poindexter

CEO, nvisionative

Daniel Mettler

Architect of 2sxc

John Deaver

Content Strategist and Lead Copywriter, nvisionative

Aaron Lopez

Interface Developer, Wolf X Machina

Don Gingold

Sprocket Websites

Aman Sharma

CTO, Twimbit

Evan Facinger

Director Sales and Marketing, Foremost Media

Breanna Gilna

UX/UX Designer, 10 Pound Gorilla

Martin Splitt

Developer Advocate, Google Switzerland

Joseph Craig

DNN Architect, Patapsco Research Group

The event is over

DNN Association is a 501(c)3 focused on providing educational events for users of the DNN Platform open-source project.

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10 Pound Gorilla

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