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Diversity Affects | Troubling Institutions - Annual Conference 2021

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Olaf Zenker

professor and chair of sociocultural anthropology

Andrea Wright


Matthias Warstat

Professor of Theatre Studies

Tanja Wälty

research associate

Jeremy Wade

performance maker

Anita von Poser

Professor of Psychological Anthropology

Larissa Vetters

senior research fellow

Susan Thieme

professor for geography and critical sustainability studies

Thomas Stodulka

Junior Professor for Psychological Anthropology

Monique Scheer

professor of historical and cultural anthropology

Sascha Salzmann

novelist, playwright, essayist, and curator

Monika Salzbrunn

Professor of Religions, Migration, Diasporas

Hans Roth

doctoral researcher

Birgitt Röttger-Rössler

professor of social and cultural anthropology

Vanessa Rau

post-doctoral research fellow

Annelot Prins

American Cultural studies

Sabina García Peter

doctor in sociology

Heike Pantelmann

Managing Director of the Margherita von Brentano Center for Gender Studies

Boris Nieswand

doctor in ethnology

Sheila Mysorekar

former chairperson of the independent media organization 'Neue deutsche Medienmacher'

Heather Milne

Associate Professor

Débora Medeiros

postdoc researcher

Dominik Mattes

postdoctoral Research Associate

Margreth Lünenborg

Professor of Journalism

Caroline Light

Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Iva Krtalić

journalist and Head of Intercultural Diversity at Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)

Nour Khelifi

journalist, scriptwriter, speaker, and online content creator

Neetu Khanna

associate professor

Annemarie Kern

student of social science

Omar Kasmani

post-doctoral research associate

Serhat Karakayali

head of the department for Migration Research at DeZIM-Institute

Mar Griera

Associate Professor

Juliane Gorke

research associate

Kenny Fries


Anne Fleig

Professorin für Deutsche Philologie

Angela Failler

Canada Research Chair in Culture and Public Memory, and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies

Sanni Est

singer, curator and community organizer

Hansjörg Dilger

Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Birte de Gruisbourne

research assistant

Jennifer Chan de Avila

postdoctoral researcher

Rhea Ramjohn

Trinbagonian writer, producer, and presenter representing ancestral codes via vernacular poetics

Gülay Çağlar

Professor for Political Science

Marian Burchardt

Professor of Sociology

Birgit Bosold

member of the board of the Schwules Museum

Alexandra Borchardt

senior journalist and book author, journalism professor, and media consultant

Michael Boiger

assistant professor of cultural psychology

Samie Blasingame

researcher, facilitator and activist focused on sustainable food systems and environmental justice

Bilgin Ayata

Professor for Southeastern European Studies

Carole Ammann

postdoctoral mobility fellowship

Yvonne Albrecht

postdoctoral researcher

Sara Ahmed

Independent feminist scholar and writer

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Affect and emotion constitute fundamental aspects of social relations that are essential to whether societies are able to hold together or fall apart. Our goal is to establish a new understanding of societies as affective societies, in which the fundamental meaning of emotionality and affectivity for communal life is taken into account, along with the manifold challenges of the mobile, interconnected and mediatized environments of the twenty-first century.