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Distributed 2020

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Kelly Monahan

Talent Research Lead, Senior Principal at Accenture Research

Hannah Siddiqui

Spiritual Coach at Road to Hannah

AJ Josephson

Head of People at Miro

Matthew Mulholland

Customer Education Manager at Miro

Natalie Larino

Community Events Coordinator at Miro

Ken Cameron

Facilitator at Corporate CultureSHIFT

Alena Harper

Talent Branding & Programs Manager at Wrike

Dejae Edison

Sales Development Representative at Miro

Joost de Leij

Founder of Limelights

Paul D'Arcy

Head of Marketing at Miro

Eleanor Sandford

Innovation Director, Design at Salesforce

Linda Quarles

Director, Strategy & Design Organization Design at frog Design

Adam Carr

Head of Sales at Miro

Yuliya Malysh

Head of Self Serve Business & Growth

Hiten Shah

Co-Founder & CEO at FYI

Elisa Rossi

Head of Growth at Remote

Keith Pemberton

Senior Director, Global Technology Tools & Services at McKesson

Lorilyn Mccue

Product Manager at Slack

Katie Guzman

Product Management Lead, Growth & Adoption at Asana

Elena Verna

Growth Advisor at Miro

Mariah Driver

Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Webflow

Marcos Garcia

Enterprise Account Manager at Miro

David Kim

Enterprise Inside Sales Representative at Miro

Cherie Silas, MCC

Agile Coach at Tandem Coaching

David Darmanin

Founder & CEO at Hotjar

Caitlin Morgan

Customer Success Manager at Miro

Susan Burrows-Rangel

Customer Success Manager at Miro

Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia

Founder & CEO at Product School

Henrik Kniberg

Owner & Agile Coach at Crisp

Dom Price

Work Futurist at Atlassian

Annie MacLeod

Project Management Coach at Distributed Success

Anna Boyarkina

Head of Product at Miro

Iris Latour

Customer Insights at Miro

Anna Savina

Content Marketing Manager at Miro

Chloe Edkins

Research Director at Studio intO

Pam Louie

Digital Transformation & Culture Advisor at Distributed Success

Jonathan White

Principal at Distributed Success/Improve Consulting Group

Tim Herbig

Product Discovery Coach

Joshua Davies

Founder & Lead Conversation Architect at Knowmium

Jed & Sophia Lazar

Cofounders at Cozy Juicy Real

Molood Ceccarelli

CEO & Founder at Remote Forever

Lindsey Meredith

Solutions Product Marketing Lead at Miro

Grisha Pavlotsky

Head of Operations at Miro

Shishir Mehrotra

CEO and Co-Founder at Coda

Jerra Murphy

UX Researcher & Design Strategist, First Mile Incubator at General Motors

Irene Au

Design Partner at Khosla Ventures

Vicky Volvovski

Head of Product at Zapier

Gopi Parampalli

VP of IT at Electronic Arts

Jeremy Green

Head of Customer Success, US at Miro

Jake Knapp

Designer & New York Times Best Selling Author

Isman Tanuri

Organisation Development Consultant at Elisan Partners

Jennifer Wilford

Global VP, Application Advisory at Ceridian

Frank Krieger

Head of Trust & Reputation at Miro

Turi McKinley

Global Practice Lead & Executive Director, Org Activation at frog

Kev Chung

Partnership, Channel & Corporate Development at Miro

Zhenya Loginov

Head of Revenue at Miro

Chet Mandair

CIO at Guidewire

David O'Malley

Senior Director, Product Strategy at GE Healthcare

Andrey Khusid

CEO and Co-Founder at Miro

Melissa Halim

Team Lead, Enterprise Product Marketing at Miro

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