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Eric Kelly

CEO and Chairman, Overland Tandberg

Eric Kyere

Co-Founder, Blocture Consulting

Derrydean Dadzie

Founder, Heritors Labs LLC

Foster Akugri

President, HackLab Foundation

Ruby Donyina

Senior Analyst Emerging Tech, Accenture

David Ofori

Operations Manager, Accra Digital Center

Franklin Asare

CEO, TechGulf Ghana Limited

Ganesh Annan

Product Manager and Senior Software Engineer at Digital Bazaar

Kendall Jennings

Blockchain Practice Lead at Accenture Federal Services

Nii Osae Osae Dade

Co-Founder and Director of Software Engineering at CYST

Adepegba Oduntun

Chief Executive at SME Capital

Brian Velez

Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Netizen Capital

Dr. Evita Grant

CEO and Founder of TecHustle, Inc

Lily Edinam Botsyoe

Executive Director at the Hacklab Foundation

John Stevens

Senior Technical Program Manager at Amazon Web Services

VX Technologies

Verified Health Record Company

Dean Matlack

Commercial Counselor Ghana; US Embassy

Yofi Grant

CEO, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre

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