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Mattias Levin

Deputy Head of Unit, Digital Finance, European Commission - DG FISMA

Gema Baguena

Group Digital Governance and Control, UniCredit

Alexander Maniati

Director, Innovation & Cybersecurity, European Banking Federation

Steven Wilson

CEO, Cyber Defence Alliance

Giorgio Cusmà Lorenzo

Group Senior Director, Intesa

Sébastien de Brouwer

CPO, European Banking Federation

Wim Mijs

CEO, European Banking Federation

Jose Manuel Campa

Chairperson, European Banking Authority

Prof. Nelson Philips

Professor of Technology Management, University of California

Ben Walker

Partner, Airwalk Reply

Žiga Novak

Undersecretary, Government Information Security Office, Republic of Slovenia

Stéphane Hurtaud

Partner and Cyber Security Leader, Deloitte

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European Banking Federation

The European Banking Federation is the voice of the European banking sector, uniting 32 national banking associations in Europe that together represent some 5,981 banks – large and small, wholesale and retail, local and international – employing about 2,6 million people.