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First International Virtual Symposium Sustainable Energies, Entrepreneurship and Development

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Pablo Sarmiento

Doctoral Candidate - TUM SEED Center

Sandra Vergara

Living Lab Expert- Peru

Frank-Martin Belz

Director - TUM SEED Center


Living Lab Expert - Uganda

Mohammad Javad Bardi

Doctoral Candidate - TUM SEED Center

Bouchra Lamhamedi

Doctoral Candidate - TUM SEED Center

Michelle Zombory

Expert - TU Empower Africa

Mary Suzan Abbo

Expert - Managing Director Research Center

Ramzy Kahhat

Expert - Research Professor

Rim Rezgui

Doctoral Candidate - TUM SEED Center

Hiram Ndiritu

Expert - Mini-Grids

Jan G. Andreas


Johannes Winklmaier

TUM SEED Center - Project Coordinator

Jackline Mwende

Living Lab Expert - Kenya

David Jarrett

Expert - Managing Consultant

Anshuman Lath

Expert - Director and Co-Founder

Rangan Banerjee

Panelist - Dean of IITB Energy Engineering

Mary Amoah

Panelist - Community Development Researcher

Farid Khan

Panelist - Chair of IEEE South Asia Operations

Fajar Hendarman

Living Lab Expert - Indonesia

Bassazin Ayalew Mekonnen

Living Lab Expert - Ethiopia

Maarten Kleijn

UN World Food Program Advisor - Energy for Food Security

Dhirendra Mishra

Doctoral Candidate - TUM SEED Center

Sofia Abid

Doctoral Candidate - TUM SEED Center

Hari Sharan

Expert- Founder

Adriana Lombardi

Student Assistant

Hana Milanov

Panel Moderator - Professor of International Entrepreneurship

Prashant Pant

Doctoral Candidate - TUM SEED Center

Getu Alemayehu Melas

Expert - Biogas Researcher

Dr. -Ing. Alexander Boakye Marful

Living Lab Expert - Ghana


Panelist - Principal Professor of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Alessandro Medici

Expert - Power Blox CTO & Co-Founder

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At the intersection of sustainable energies and entrepreneurship, we conduct research to contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.