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Digital Nomad Week 2021

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Proudly supported by


Sondre Rasch


Ayush Jain


John Lee

Work From Anywhere

Katrina Howe


Mita Carriman


Ilana Milkes


Robert Ian Bonnick

Former Supermodel | Global Author & Speaker

Charles Mizzi


Lauren Razavi


Maya Middlemiss

Freelance Commercial Writer

Pauly Long

Social Media Brand Builder, Travel Lifestyle Influencer

Christa Romano

Digital Nomad Coach & Influencer

Olumide Gbenro

Digital Nomad Community & Events Pioneer

Kamya Buch

Wandering Kamya | Spirituality Content Creator and Influencer

Nazar Taras

Moderator & Interviewer

Fadila Ahmad Abdulrazaq

Business Strategist| Remote Work Advisor

Maurice Neuwirth

Host at The Entrepreneurial Brain Podcast

Sébastien Roger

4*TEDx Speaker

Bianca Caruana

Head of Impact & Partnerships @ Nomads Giving Back

Doreen Cumberford

Author |Coach | Relocation | Global Mobility

Kimberly Koehler

Remote Work and Location Independent Advocate

David Gamboa


Angela Shurina

11 Year Digital Nomad | Nutrition Health 360 Productivity Coach

Mike Swigunski

Bestselling Author, Remote Work Leader

Matthew Kepnes

Nomadic Matt | Digital Nomad Pioneer

Matt Bowles

Maverick Investor Group

Keisha Oleaga

Holistic ETH

Hannah Brown

e-Residency Estonia

Adi Cohen

The New Movement

Matthias Zeitler

Coworking Bansko

David Abraham

Destination Outpost

Anika Rashaun


Taige Zhang


Aline Dahmen

Nomad Soulmates

Amit Kumar byondskill

Global Nomad Summit

Adele Wiejaczka

Live Large Collective

J Mendes

No Footprint Group

Kate Shifman

The Family Workation

Jahtna Hernandez

Jahtna, LLC

shiree francis

S.A.F Coaching

Ichi Yamada

Tropical Nomad Coworking Space

Mine Dedekoca

Founder / Chief Happiness Officer

Chase Warrington

Doist Inc, About Abroad

Lavinia Iosub

Livit International

Juliana Rabbi


Uwe Allgäuer

Tarek Kholoussy

Nomads Giving Back! & Nomads Skillshare!

Aulia Halimatussadiah

Remote Skills Academy

Kate Smith

The Remote Nomad Ltd.

Marcos Carvalho

Boundless Life

Lisa Jacobs

Vacay Vans

Dean Kuchel

Where is Dean?

Nacho Rodríguez

Founder at

Orest Zub

Freedom Entrepreneur | 120+ Countries

Paul Bradbury

Total Croatia News

Francis Nayan

The Nomad Newsletter

Steve Tsentserensky

SBT Productions

Alex Fasulo

Founder | The Freelance Fairy

Goncalo Hall

Digital Nomad Village Pioneer | Ponta do Sol, Madeira

J Mendes

Eco-sustainability Expert | No Footprint Group

Kristin Wilson

Digital Nomad Pioneer | Traveling With Kristin

Nora Dunn

12 Year Digital Nomad | Founder of The Professional Hobo

Juliana Rabbi

Remote Job Career Coach | JulianaRabbi.Com

Jordan Carroll

Remote Work Influencer | Founder of The Remote Job Coach

Kate Shifman

Nomad Family Expert | Founder of The Family Workation

Jan de Jong

Digital Nomad Visa Croatia Pioneer | Digital Nomad Association Croatia

Sarah Hawley

Serial Entrepreneur w/ several 2M+ Exit | Founder of Growmotely

Kathleen Di Paolo

International Tax Expert | Founder of Wanderers Wealth

Michael Alf

Hybrid Event Pioneer | Founder of New World Events

Ali Pruitt - Remote Work Coach

Founder | Fully Remote with Ali

Mandy Fransz

Founder | Make the Leap Digital

Sergio Sala

YouTuber Travel Influencer & Minimalist

James Ellsmoor

Forbes 30 under 30 | Founder of Island Innovation

Lily Bruns

Digital Nomad Visa Advocate | Community Building Expert

Andrew Jernigan

InsurTech Pioneer | Co-Founder Of Insured Nomads

Rolf Potts

Digital Nomad Pioneer | Writer of Vagabonding

The event is over

Hosted by

Olumide Gbenro

Building the world's largest NFT festival community.

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Insured Nomads

Protection beyond insurance for those beyond borders.


For everyone asking about replays, you can purchase them through this link.

New World Events

Online. Hybrid. Future-Proof

Nomad Visa Malta

The Sunny Home Of Expats & Nomads

Residency Malta – Nomad Residence Permit

Make Malta your new workplace!

Boundless Life

A turnkey solution for families to live, work and learn while experiencing the world.


Travel medical insurance that covers people from all over the world, while outside their home country – COVID-19 coverage included.

e-Residency of Estonia

Business without borders for location-independent entrepreneurs

Digital Nomad Festival

A celebration of music, art, and culture with global citizens and remote entrepreneurs from around the world.