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Digital Assets Investment Conference

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Dotun Rominiyi

Head of Blockchain at LSE


Chairman of Cryptodelta

Zachary Ziliak

Partner at Ziliak&Law

Borys Pikalov

Co-Founder of Stobox

Steve Tendon

Author of Malta National Blockchain Strategy

Felix Mago

Co-Founder of Dash NEXT and Dash Thailand

Kristian T. Sorensen

Co-Founder at Norfico

Maureen Murat

Attorney Advisor

Anna Tutova

CEO Coinstelegram

Kenneth Garofalo

CEO at Block Relations

Claus Skaaning

CEO at DigiShares

Mike Kessler

CEO at Tokenise

Nicolas Weber

Biz Dev at Amazing Blocks

Anndy Lian

Intergovernmental Blockchain Expert

Jean-Michel Azzopardi

CEO at Kralanx, Co-Founder at BlockSpeak

Artem Gordadze

To be announced

Yanina Petrovskaya

Of-Counsel at RLP Lawyers

Natalya Ulyanova

CEO at Una // Partners

Jenny Zheng

Co-Founder of

Lex Sokolin

Global Fintech Co-Head at ConsenSys

Alena Yudina

Managing Director at Quantum Leap Strategy AG

David Weild IV

(ex Vice-President at Nasdaq)

🚀 Samson Williams

Professor at UNH University

Radoslav Dragov

Blockchain Lead Europe at IDC


VP at Ledger

James Parker

Biz Dev at Standard Capital

Simon Barnby

CMO at Archax

Viktor Viktorov


Gene Deyev

Co-Founder & CEO at Stobox

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An award-winning company in the field of securities tokenization with 3000+ hours of research and powerful fundraising tech.

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