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DEWESOFT VMC2020: DAY3 - Sound and Vibration Analysis

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Santiago Rayes

Global Support Engineer, GRAS Sound & Vibration

Jean-Philippe GODIN

Business Developer, Optel

Murat Aykan

Research&Development Manager at Dynalabs

Andrej Dolenc

Software Engineer, Dewesoft

Andrej Sušnik

NVH Software Engineer

Jure Knez

President & cofounder, Dewesoft

Kevin Westhora

Director of Sales, Dytran Instruments

Tilen Sotler

COO, Dewesoft

Vid Selič

Project Manager, Dewesoft

Jernej Sirk

Application engineer, Dewesoft

Simon Kodrič

Application engineer, Dewesoft

Carmine Salzano

International TEST Business Development Manager, PCB Piezotronics

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