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Neha Dhyani

Sam Craig

Encrypting Data So Even Your DBA Can't Get It

Erik Costlow

Editor, InfoQ Java queue

Liran Tal

Director of Developer Advocacy

Howard Poston

Ubiq Security Advisor

Courtney Nash

Senior Research Analyst at Verica

Charles Ho

APAC Business Development at Ubiq Security

James Wickett

Head of Research at Verica

Joshua Jebaraj

Associate Security Researcher,we45

Mario-Leander Reimer

Principal Software Architect at QAware GmbH

Tanya Janca

Founder & CEO at We Hack Purple Academy!

Joshua Timberman

Head of Advocacy & Community

Waleed Arshad

Community Manager at Snyk

Sonya Moisset

Principal Security Engineer at Photobox

DJ Schleen

Vice President, Infrastructure and Developer Operations at VillageMD

Stephane Jourdan

Senior Product Manager at Snyk, driftctl creator

Randall Degges

Head of Developer Relations & Community at Snyk

Shimon Tolts

CEO & Co-Founder at Datree, AWS Community Hero

Vandana Verma Sehgal

Senior Developer Advocate at Snyk

Brian Vermeer

Senior Developer Advocate at Snyk

Aastha Sahni

Lead CyberSecurity Instructor at Flatiron School

Ram Iyengar

Developer Advocate at the Cloud Foundry Foundation

Saman Fatima

Data Engineer at Macquarie Group

Eric Smalling

Senior Developer Advocate at Snyk

Micah Silverman

Director, Dev[eloper|Ops|SecOps] Acceleration

Seth Law

Principal Consultant at Redpoint Security, Inc.

Brian Demers

Developer Advocate at Okta

Kyle Suero

Senior Security Advocate at Snyk

Alyssa Miller

BISO at S&P Global Ratings

Ken Johnson

Staff Application Security Engineer at Github

Jim Manico

CEO and Application Security Educator at Manicode Security

Rachid Zarouali

Freelance Cloud Architect / sevensphere

Josh Grossman

Head Of Security Services at AppSec Labs

Yshay Yaacobi

CTO, Livecycle

Noaa Barki

Software Engineer, Datree

Eran Bibi

CPO & co-founder, Firefly

Steve Giguere

Developer Advocate at Bridgecrew

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