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Mitch Parish

Security Consultant at TrustedSec

Kaif Ahsan

Product Security Engineer at Atlassian

Soumen Mukherjee

Senior Security Architect - Cloud at Barco

Rohit Ghumare

Founder at Trainings&Internships, Hybrid Multi Cloud Intern

Rewanth Tammana

Senior Security Architect, Nmap Developer

Bartosz Pietrucha

Software Engineer and Trainer at

Or Weis

Co-Founder at

Chris Nesbitt-Smith

Digital Transformation Consultant

Mario-Leander Reimer

QAware GmbH, Principal Software Architect, #CloudNativeNerd

Anusha Hegde

Technical Product Manager at Nirmata

Dolis Sharma

CS engineer at Nirmata

Hila Fish

Senior DevOps Engineer at

Filipi Pires

Security Researcher and Security Advocate

Akshata Sawant

Developer Advocate at Salesforce

Rouan Wilsenach

Technical Leader and Software Engineer

Zbyszek Tenerowicz

Senior JS Security Engineer at ConsenSys

Shilpi Bhattacharjee

Co-Founder at Cloud Security Podcast

Gal Ofri

Researcher at Legit Security

Frederico Hakamine

Head of Technical Product Marketing at ngrok

Jon Zeolla

CTO & Co-Founder of Seiso

Muhammad Ahmed

Software Engineer - Infrastructure Security at Yelp

Mandy Hubbard

Sr. Developer Advocate at

TJ Connolly

Engineer at Fireblocks

Tanya Janca

CEO and Founder at We Hack Purple

Roni Dover

CTO and Co-Founder at Digma

Chris Russell

CISO at tZERO Group

Matt Jarvis

Director, Developer Relations at Snyk

Brian Vermeer

Staff Developer Advocate at Snyk

Liran Tal

Director, Developer Relations at Snyk

Brian Clark

Senior Developer Advocate at Snyk

Randall Degges

Senior Director, Developer Relations & Community

Micah Silverman

Director, Developer Relations

Shantanu Kulkarni

Cloud Security Engineer/Consultant at CMD Solutions Australia

Jefferson Haw

Principal Solutions Architect at Okta

Ashish Rajan

Principal Cloud Security Advocate at Snyk

Eric Smalling

Senior Developer Advocate at Snyk

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