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John Allspaw

Founder and Principal, Adaptive Capacity Labs

David Woods

John Osborne

Chief Architect at Red Hat

Claire Labry

Release Engineer at HashiCorp

Sarjeel Yusuf

Product Manager (DevOps) at Atlassian

Banjo Obayomi

Senior Research Engineer at Two Six Labs

Ori Keren

CEO & Co-founder at LinearB

Steve Pereira

CEO at Visible

Frank Reno

Principal PM and Open Source Ambassador at Sumo Logic

John Willis

Senior Director, Global Transformation Office at Red Hat

Cliff Berg

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Agile 2 Academy

Lisa Cooney

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Agile 2 Academy

Nimesh Bernard

Director at CapitalOne

Camille Clayton

Operations Lead at Pluribus Digital

Dr. Laura Maguire

Researcher at Jeli

Sara Mazer

Sr. Solutions Engineer at LaunchDarkly



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