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DevOps Unicorns 2020

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Opening of conference
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What is DevOps? DevOps is CALMS by Stephen Walters
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Finally, I found a job that doesn’t bore me! by Jelena Sobolevska and Uldis Karlovs-Karlovskis
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Ansible on GCP: boosting playbook development process by Aleksandrs Zolotarjovs
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Panel Discussion by Uldis Karlovs-Karlovskis, Dmitry Buzdin, Andrejs Ševčenko, Gundega Dekena
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Combining Progressive Delivery With GitOps And Continuous Delivery by Viktor Farcic
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Observability is More than Logs, Metrics & Traces by Philipp Krenn
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Making Kubernetes How We Build Things by Rob Richardson
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MLOps - DevOps for Machine Learning by Damian Brady
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Dev, Sec, Oops: How Agile Security increases Attack Surface by Denis Makrushin
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DevOps Patterns and Antipatterns for Continuous Software Updates by Baruch Sadogursky
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Dinkar Gupta

Head, Architecture & Technology, Cognizant Europe & UKI CTO

Andrey Savchenko

Head of Engineering Support @C.T.Co

Viktor Farcic

Principal DevOps Architect @CodeFresh

Aleksandrs Zolotarjovs

DevOps Team Lead

Gundega Dekena

DevOps GCP and K8s trainer

Uldis Karlovs-Karlovskis

Associate DevOps specialist

Jelena Sobolevska

Associate DevOps specialist

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