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Dan Jeffries

Chief Technology Evangelist @ Pachyderm

Dan Reitz

Head of Public Sector @ Topcoder

Devin Stoker

Strategic Solutions Engineer @ ClickUp

Michael Nir

President @ Sapir Consulting US

Jackie Maldonado

AVP Strategic Cloud Alliances @ Turing

Dave Anderson

CTO @ Scout APM

Colin Bell

Secure DevOps CTO @ HCL Software

Matt Fox

Global Director @ TD SYNNEX

Daniel Carrión

CPTO @ Inspide

Bill Oakes

Head of Layer7 Product Marketing @ Broadcom

Chase Doelling

Principal Strategist @ JumpCloud

Diana Kelley

CTO & Co-Founder @ SecurityCurve

Sara Davila

Director, Field and Partner Marketing @ Codefresh

Shailesh Kumar

Sr. VP of Engineering @ ClickUp

Federico Ramallo

CEO @ Density Labs

Jonah Kowall


Rob Dawson

CTO @ ConsenSys

Max Körbächer

Co-Founder @ Liquid Reply

Isaac Palka

Sr. Director of Engineering @ Signify Health

Rajni Sharma

Principal Product Manager @ Rubrik

Boydlee Pollentine

CTO @ MIT Group

John Tubert

SVP, Technology @ R/GA

Kiran Kamity

Founder & CEO @ DeepFactor

Bhawna Singh

SVP of Engineering @ Auth0

Victoria van Roosmalen

CISO & DPO @ Coosto

Alessandro Fael Garcia

Senior Solutions Engineer @ NGINX Part of F5

Noel Rodriguez

Dan Rice

Broadcom’s ValueOps Regional Partner

Ankur Agarwal

VP of Products @ Venio Systems

Lucas Beeler

Principal Solution Architect @ Hazelcast

Mark Jackson

Quantum Evangelist @ Quantinuum

Sean Wiley

Senior Solutions Architect @ Tidelift

Adam Morehead

Vice President, Community & Marketing @ Topcoder

Ed Bailey

Senior Technical Evangelist @ Cribl

Craig Haney

Director of Business Development @ Applyboard

Shri Arad-Ivtsan

Director of Product @ WhiteSource

Anna Rosin

Director of R&D @ WhiteSource

Brad Powers

Chief Innovation Officer @ Passport

Rohit Sinha

Director of Product Development @ Excellarate

Dave Ferguson

Principal Solution Architect @ Veracode

SC Moatti

Founding CEO @ Products That Count

Rahul Agarwal

Technical Product Manager @ Boomi

Steve Roberts

Senior Developer Advocate @ Amazon Web Services

Runeet Vashisht

Senior Solutions Architect - Microsoft Platform @ Amazon Web Services

Pau Labarta Bajo

Developer @ Toptal

Will Morgan

Director of Engineering @ Foursquare

Rob Dickinson

Co-founder and CTO @ Resurface Labs

Erica Rider

SR UX Manager @ PayPal

James Croall

Product Management Director @ Synopsys

Mesut Durukal

Test Automation Lead @ Rapyuta Robotics

Kat Gaines

Developer Advocate @ PagerDuty

Nathan Melehan

Senior Technical Editor @ Linode

Brian Bost

Solution Architect @ ChaosSearch

Dave Armlin


Jonathan Pasky

Executive Producer & Co-Founder @ DevNetwork

Corey Pendleton

Sales Engineering Manager @ The Qt Company

Brad Mortensen

Partnership Development Manager @ Agora

Gabriel Steinhardt

Founder & CEO @ Blackblot - Product Management Expertise

Hermes Frangoudis

Director, Developer Relations & Partner Engineering @ Agora

Merritt Baer

Principal, AWS OCISO @ Amazon Web Services

Kasey Alderete

Head of Product @

Alexandre Savigny

Marketing and Communication Manager @ Ponicode

Ben Gamble

Product Champions @ Ably

Josh Goldberg

Staff Frontend Developer @ Codecademy

Ralf Huuck

Founder @ Logilica

Ryan McMichael

Sr. Manager of Sensors & Systems Engineering for Advanced Hardware @ Zoox

Damir Svrtan

Senior Software Engineer @ Netflix

Camilo Rodriguez

Founder @ IA MON DADA

Alexandru Dan

Head Of Integrations @ Modex

Tanya Janca

Advisor @ NeuraLegion | Founder @ We Hack Purple

Eleftherios Chrysochoidis

Software Development Specialist @ Accenture, MSc Student

Clint Dovholuk

Zero Trust Advocate and Developer @ NetFoundry

Tevanraj Elengoe

Site Reliability Engineer @ Petronas

Tolulope Ayeni

Product Lead @ Rexel

Amanda Daering

CEO @ Newance

Josh Bottum

Kubeflow Community Product Manager @ Arrikto

Chip Childers

Chief Architect @ Puppet

Jay Dembani

Senior Product Manager @ Avalara

Rachel Sweeney

Product Advocate SRE @ Fairwinds

Peter Pezaris

GVP & GM, Strategy and Developer Tools @ New Relic

Douglas Gubert

Tech Lead @ Rocket.Chat

Morgan Teachworth

VP of Engineering & Supply Chain @ Meraki

Eugenia Bertulis

Assistant Professor, Interaction Design @ Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Sanjeev Mervana

Vice President Products, Emerging Technologies & Incubation @ Cisco

Bill Pearson

VP of the Internet of Things Group & General Manager of Developer Enabling @ Intel

Matt Yonkovit

Head of Open Source Strategy @ Percona

Tanja Bach

Lead Business Analyst @ ThoughtWorks

Akash Ganapathi

Director of Solutions Architecture @ JupiterOne

Dotan Horovits

Technology Evangelist @

Lewis Tuff

VP of Engineering @

Takuma Takeuchi

Senior Researcher @ Fujitsu Limited

Akanksha Bhasin

Technical Community Evangelist @

Toshish Jawale

CTO, Co Founder @

Alex Radu

VP Product Adoption Lead @ JP Morgan Chase & Co

Tadeh Hakopian

Design Technologist @ Energy Vault

Russell Kaplan

Head of Nucleus @ Scale AI

Webb Brown

CEO @ Kubecost

James Kinley

Principal Solutions Architect @ Redpanda

Sophia Lopez

Founder @ Kaleido

Jacob Tiedemann

Product Lead @ ThoughtWorks

Phil Wilkins

Snr Consultant and Design Authority - PaaS, Author & Blogger

Grace Jansen

Developer Advocate @ IBM

Ami Luttwak

CTO @ Wiz

Dan Erez

Software Architect @ AT&T

Jim Walker

Principal Product Evangelist @ Cockroach Labs

Peter ONeill

OPA Community Advocate @ Styra

Andrew Colombi, PhD

Co-founder & CTO @ Tonic AI

Eric Magnus

SE Manager, Corporate & Channels @ Sysdig

Joni Klippert

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ StackHawk

Vilas Veeraraghavan

Sr Director of Engineering @

Luis Cabrera-Cordon

enior Director of Product Management AI Services @ Oracle

Mike Manwill

Front-End Development Team Lead @ Smarty

Vasilis Vagias

AI Architect @

April Dunnam

Power Platform Developer Advocate @ Microsoft

Wim Selles

Lead Solutions Architect @ Sauce Labs

Shan He

Senior Director of Engineering @ Foursquare

Lilac Mohr

Vice President of Engineering - Flow @ Pluralsight

Arnaud Le Hors

Senior Technical Staff Member Open Technnologies @ IBM

Nir Sheffi

Co-founder, Co-CEO and CTO @ Ridge

Bogdan Sucaciu

Tech Lead and Author

Mihaela-Roxana Ghidersa

Technical Lead @ Strongbytes

Praveen Raghuvanshi

Cloud Architect @ Harman International, A Samsung Company.

Mohit Suman

Technical Product Manager @ Red Hat

Paul Parkinson

Microservices Developer Advocate @ Oracle

Kuassi Mensah

Director Product Management @ Oracle Corporation

Gabrielle Bufrem

Head of Product @ Little Otter.

Dan Sturman

Chief Technology Officer @ Roblox

Pete Chestna

CISO @ Checkmarx Inc.

Libby Swan

Co-Founder/CEO @ Axioned

Steve Giguere

Developer Advocate @ Bridgecrew

Mary Grygleski

Developer Advocate Leader @ HiveMQ

Matt Biilmann

CEO @ Netlify

Daniel Bryant

Dir of DevRel @ Ambassador Labs

Erik Brandsberg

CTO @ Heimdall Data

Felix Schuster

CEO @ Edgeless

Greg Stachnick

Director of Cloud Product Management @ GridGain

Dmitry Vinnik

Open Source Developer Advocate @ Facebook

Niaja Farve

Senior Software Engineer @ CNN

Nick Hodges

Developer Advocate @ Rollbar

Sagi Rodin

CEO @ Frontegg

Jessica Wirt

Content Strategist @ truematter

Amanda Perkins

Sr. SQA @ Rocket Homes

Sam Dillard

Senior Product Manager @ InfluxData

Itiel Shwartz

CTO @ Komodor

Josh Hendrick

Senior Solutions Engineer @ Rookout

James Weaver

Quantum Developer Advocate @ IBM

Kristen Ditsch

Head of Product Marketing, Embedded @ Workato

Ben Sigelman

Co-founder and GM @ Lightstep

John Jeremiah

Director @ Traceable AI

Annie Zhang

Cofounder @ Hirect

Dan Lines

Co-Founder & COO @ LinearB

Dave Nielsen

Sr. Director, Community & Developer Relations @ Harnes

Jai Shirole

Senior Software Engineer @ IBM

Amol Dhondse

STSM, IBM Certified Architect, Master Inventor, Digital Technology Labs

Rob Hedgpeth

Developer Relations @ MariaDB

Neha Rao

Data Scientist @ Stream

Sean Li

CEO & Co-founder @ Magic

Joey Zwicker

Founder and COO @ Pachyderm

Stephen Walters

Solutions Architect @ xMatters, an Everbridge Company

Ben Slater

Chief Product Officer @ Instaclustr

Matt Davis

Staff Infrastructure Engineer @ Blameless

Matt Tanner

Head of Developer Relations @ Moesif

Derric Gilling

CEO @ Moesif

Aidan O'Connor

Senior Solutions Engineer @ Fugue

Ozan Unlu

CEO and Co-Founder @ Edge Delta

Ben Boral

Solutions Engineer @ Bitrise

Simon Zhong

Sales Engineer @ Sentry

Phillip Carter

Senior Product Manager @ Honeycomb

David Aguiñaga

Senior Software Developer @ Encora

Anant Misra

Co-founder & CTO of ArmorCode

Taylor Wolfe

Head of IoT @ Twilio

Gunna Marripudi

Senior Director, Product Management @ NetApp

Zafar Shahid

Technical Lead @ Facebook

Laurent Gil

Co Founder @ CAST.AI

Tejas Chopra

Senior Software Engineer @ Netflix

Kunal Kushwaha

Developer Advocate @ Civo

Saiyam Pathak

Director @ Civo

Viktor Farcic

Developer Advocate @ Upbound

Rick Spencer

VP of Platform @ InfluxData

Hart Montgomery

Cryptographer @ Fujitsu Research

Peter Somogyvari

Technology Architect Manager @ Accenture

David Boswell

Senior Director of Community Architecture @ Hyperledger Foundation

Oleg Chunikhin

CTO @ Kublr

Rohit Basu

Principal Software Engineer @ PayPal

Erez Berkner

CEO & Co-Founder @ Lumigo

Ravs Kaur

CTO @ Uplevel

Justin Beals

CEO and Cofounder @ Strike Graph

Michael Stahnke

Vice President of Platform @ CircleCI

Aaron Ansari

VP of Cloud Security @ Trend Micro

Erez Yalon

Head of Security Research @ Checkmarx

Patricio Vargas

Sr.Developer Advocate @ OneSignal

Nnamdi Iregbulem

Partner @ Lightspeed Venture Partners

Cem Yildirim

VP & Head of Engineering @ Fast

Gerta Sheganaku

Co-Founder and COO @ LocalStack

Ivan Diaz

Sr. Solutions Engineer @ Bugsnag, a Smartbear Company

Jeremy Pollock

VP of Product & Developer Platforms @ Lightbend

Chris Ayers

Senior Customer Success Engineer @ Microsoft

Raymond Camden

Senior Developer Evangelist @ Adobe

Deven Phillips

Senior Architect @ Red Hat Solutions & Technologies Practice

Leonardo Murillo

Founder @ Cloud Native Architects and CTO @ Qwinix

Serg Masís

Climate and Agronomic Data Scientist @ Syngenta

Timothy Spann

Developer Advocate @ StreamNative

Yshay Yaacobi

CTO @ Livecycle

George Hantzaras

Director, Cloud Platform Engineering @ Citrix

Georgi Parlakov

Full-Stack Web Developer @ VMWare

Debbie Levitt

CXO @ Delta CX

Shai Almog

Developer Advocate @ Lightrun

Natalie Serrino

Principal Engineer @ New Relic

Zain Asgar

GVP & Product GM @ New Relic

Nick Gaski

Technical Enablement Specialist @ Kaleido

Alex Dunn

Chief Product Officer @ Voicify

David Subar

Founder and Managing Partner @ Interna

Kimberley Morrison

Digital Platforms Lead @ Aurecon

Michael Fulton

Commercial Strategy @ Expedient

Shu Lai

Head of Design @ HOVER

Abby Allen

Product Manager @ Dispatch

Jim Morris

Founder @ Product Discovery Group

Chris Butler

Global Head of Product Operations @ Cognizant

Maria Paula Salazar

Head of Product Management @ Qrvey

John Franck

Product Manager @ Wex

Tabassum Memon

Author of Effective Platform Product Management

Michael Mace

VP Market Strategy @ UserTesting

Vidya Chadaga

Vice President, Products @ Cleo

Jodi Alperstein

VP & GM @ Twilio Segment

Renu Motwani

Head of Product @ Broadcom

Kaelin Burns

VP of Product @ Artium

Teresa Cain

Director of Product & UX Design @ Trevipay

Jeremy Glassenberg

Product Leader @ Docusign

Aaron Upright

Co-founder and Head of Strategic Accounts @ ZenHub

Seb Rose

Continuous Improvement Lead @ SmartBear

Savitha Ajitraj

Senior Product Manager @ PayPal

Avinash Desireddy

Sr. Solutions Architect @Mirantis Inc

Jordan Tigani

Chief Product Officer @ MemSQL

Annie Talvasto

Sr. Product Marketing Mgr @ Camunda

Al Morris

Chief Architect & Co-founder @ Koii Network

Tomas Neubauer

CTO @ Quix

Maciej Gruszka

Senior Director Product Management @ Oracle

Sanjai Marimadaiah

Chief Product Officer @ Push Technology

Maxim Salnikov

Developer Engagement Lead @ Microsoft

Michael Nir

President @ Sapir Consulting US

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