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develop.idaho 2021

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Perkins Coie

Counsel to Great Companies

Delta Dental of Idaho

Serving Idaho for over 50 years.

Perkins Coie Gift Card Drawing

Register for a chance to win one of several $50 Gift Cards

Idaho Technology Council

Helping Tech Start, Grow, and Thrive in Idaho.

5 Steps to Develop Culture in the Virtual World

Am Breakout Session

Telehealth Transformation

Breakout Session

Reinventing Diversity Recruiting Efforts

Breakout Session

Leaning into Chaos and Listening to our Heroes

Breakout Recording

Adjusting to the Next "New Normal"

Breakout Session Recording

What to Expect from the FCC

Breakout Recording

Culture & Data

Breakout Recording

Introduction to Predictive Maintenance with Use Cases

Breakout Recording

Privacy, Trust, and Security in a WFH World

Breakout Recording

The State of Security in 2021

Breakout Recording

Adapting Project Management to Changing Times

Breakout Recording