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Designing for Flourishing Communities | a DTX & ILN (virtual) InPerson Meeting

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Jan Schmiedgen

Innovation Strategist, Partner, co:dify

Natalie Nixon

President, Figure 8 Thinking, LLC

Christi Zuber

Executive Director, ILN ; Founder and Managing Director, Aspen Labs

Chris Ferguson

Founder, Bridgeable

Kelly Benton

Kelly Benton, Service Designer & Strategist, Philips Healthcare

Virginia Hamilton

Founder - 100 Billable Days LLC

Megan Brewster

VP, Advanced Technology - Impinj

suzanne hamill

Design & Creativity

Elliot Taylor

Founder livefortmw

Samiah Dunac

Digital Art Director, Philips

Alires Almon | She, Her, Hers

Dir. of Innovation, Mental Health Center of Denver

Anna Casalme

Founder & CEO Novelly

Elise Ogle

Head of Content Limbix

Georgia Messinger

Co-Founder & CMO Trill Project

Karen McClellan

Product Design Grit Digital Health

Wes Williams (he/him)

Vice President and Chief Information Officer | Mental Health Center of Denver

Felix Chang

Strategy Director, Artefact

Megan Brewster

VP Advanced Technology, IMPINJ

Lewis Brown

President, Group Vigilant and AVP, Talent Development at Zurich

Andrew Baker

VP, Product, Grit Digital Health

David Dunne

Professor, University of Victoria

paolo korre

Studio Director, Disruptor League

Judi Brown

Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer CivicMakers

Jeffrey hall

Design Lead, Design Consultancy Kaiser Permanente

Adam Royalty

Founder, Columbia Entrepreneurship Design Studio; Lead Designer Research Investigator, Stanford

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Aspen Labs Network

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