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Demo Day Fall 2020

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Rida Jawed

Founder @ Revive Jewelry

Michael Lembck

Co-Founder @ Tight

Alex Groner

Founder @ Specifit

Max Zang

Co-Founder @ SkipIt

Luis Salcedo

Founder @ Flower Power

Jacob Rubin

Co-Founder @ SkipIt

Taryn Livingstone

Co-VP @ NU E-Club

Aniyah Smith

Founder @ Push

Max Sussman

Founder @ Radish

Rachel Domb

Founder @ Rooted Living

Nikhil Agrawal

Co-Founder @ Alinea Invest

Nate Peters

Co-Founder @ Tight

Meghan Quon

Co-Founder @ Klip Tech

Laura Bilal

Co-Founder @ Klip Tech

Hulda Zheng

Co-VP @ NU E-Club

Matthew Swenson

Assoc. Director @ HSC

Nicole Danuwidjaja

Co-Director @ HSC

Jack Miller

Co-Founder @ Cobrair

Neil Bhammar

President @ NU E-Club

Jean Nei

Founder @ TurnAction

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We have 11 organizations including: IDEA, E-Club,Generate, NUImpact, Huntington Angel Network, WISE, Scout, ViTAL, Origin, IP CO-LAB and Compass

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NU Entrepreneurs Club

Empowering Northeastern's Student Entrepreneurs

Push Beauty

Revolutionizing beauty with just one hand.

Rooted Living

Snacks with an impact.


Inspire the Cobra in you with Cobrair.


Sport Specific Fitness Training


Discover real goods made with love.

Alinea Invest

Socially Responsible Investing

Klip Tech

Peace of mind on a klip


Buying for a Better World


Creating meaningful connections among students

Revive Jewelery

Jewelry for you cherished memories


Save time and stay safe wherever you shop

Flower Power

Experience the future, a leaf at a time.