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DayOne Conference -Shaping the future of health

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Pre Conference Networking
Expo and Networking are open!
2020-11-10T12:30:00Z 2020-11-12T09:00:00Z Europe/Zurich Pre+Conference+Networking Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Start with Patients
Welcome - Introduction to Conference Partner Arcondis - Recap of the DayOne Patient Centric Health Hack
2020-11-12T09:00:00Z 2020-11-12T09:45:00Z Europe/Zurich Start+with+Patients Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Bright Ideas
2020-11-12T09:45:00Z 2020-11-12T11:00:00Z Europe/Zurich Bright+Ideas Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Meet the Innovators
2020-11-12T11:00:00Z 2020-11-12T11:30:00Z Europe/Zurich Networking Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Get ready to start(-up)
Entrepreneurship in digital health: The DayOne Aproach
2020-11-12T11:30:00Z 2020-11-12T12:30:00Z Europe/Zurich Get+ready+to+start%28-up%29 Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Expo
Lunch Break
Expo and Sessions are open
2020-11-12T12:30:00Z 2020-11-12T13:00:00Z Europe/Zurich Lunch+Break Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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DayOne Open Innovation Session
2020-11-12T13:15:00Z 2020-11-12T16:00:00Z Europe/Zurich DayOne+Open+Innovation+Session Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
The Grand Final: Project Champions Pitch and Feedback
2020-11-12T16:00:00Z 2020-11-12T17:00:00Z Europe/Zurich The+Grand+Final%3A+Project+Champions+Pitch+and+Feedback Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
All Sessions and Booths are open!
2020-11-12T17:00:00Z 2020-11-12T22:00:00Z Europe/Zurich Networking Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)

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Basel Area Business & Innovation

We help you find business success in the Basel Area



We make healthcare better.

DayOne & Help

DayOne is on a mission to Shape the future of health

Basel Area Business & Innovation

Diabetes Center Berne

We improve diagnosis and treatment for people living with diabetes by addressing unmet needs.


Sound recognition to translate baby cries into their needs, emotions and well-being

DayOne Patient Centric Health Hack

See the Solutions from the DayOne Health Hack!


From science to market: we promote innovation


Creative. Visual. Agile. Your partner to design, co-create and implement solutions.


Europäische Patientenakademie Plattform Schweiz / Académie européenne des patients plateforme Suisse / Accademia Europea dei pazienti Piattaforma Svizzera


Driving healthcare forward.

1. Sensai Healthcare

Personalized Diabetes Care at Scale

2. Lyfegen


3. Hawkins Mate

Empowering ALS patients & caregivers

4. My Health Data Core

Patient app for Health-Data Management!


The Sixth Sense in Medical Diagnostics

6. Haplomind

Supporting perinatal depression and anxiety

7. CorDiFio

Solving misdiagnosis of heart disease

8. PatchAI

Patient engagement at every step

9. Mindset Academy

Change your Mindset. Change your Life.

10. OpenMedX

Reinventing medical device innovation to leave no one behind

11. FIMO Health

A data-centric solution for cancer and MS-related fatigue

12. ePHealth

Primary Care Platform (3.8M people)

13. Mindset Technologies

Brain Pulse Watch

14. Magnes

Disruptive real-life-monitoring solution of neurological disorders using AI.

15. WhachaCallit Med

A Health Hack Project making medical information more accessible and understandable to patients

16. neuroQWERTY

Passive computational biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases

17. Health Companion

The health advisor that combines all your apps

18. Katarina

Worldwide Change.

19. Leitwert

Integrate Wearables into Care and Research

20. GeneLook

Patient Centric Precision Medicine


Prevention of diseases through earliest detection

22. Bowhead Health

🔒 Own Your Health Data

23. Self-Radar

Health Hack Project

24. AI-CGM

Non-invasive glucose monitoring system

25. Clever.Care

Helping Older People Age in Place

26. Mindpax

Mindpax - manage to measure mental health

27. IBDrelief

A digital health education intervention for people with inflammatory bowel disease

28. KlarMD

Clarity on your medical condition.

29. myAVOS

Improving Dementia Outcomes with myAVOS by addressing modifiable risk factors that prevent Alzheimer's disease

30. Calmighty (

Intelligent approach to building resilience and burnout prevention

31. Immersive Rehab

Digital Therapeutics for Neurorehabilitation