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DAC_Taste of Africa_2020_Virtual

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Let's Get Started!
African Drummer, Johnson Kolawole & Welcome remarks from Dr Kelechi Lawrence, President of DAC
Amara Galileo Johnson Kolawole Kelechi Lawrence
2020-09-12T10:00:00Z 2020-09-12T10:15:00Z America/New_York Let%27s+Get+Started%21 Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Political Roundtable
Hear from and engage with political candidates, Terrance Baker, Shane Darby, Ajawavi Ajavon, Matt Meyer, DonyaleHall, Hunter Hastings and Ryshema Dixon
Kelechi Lawrence Ajawavi Ajavon Michael Butler Rysheema Dixon Hunter Hastings Donyale Hall Matt Meyer Terrance Baker Shane  Darby
2020-09-12T10:15:00Z 2020-09-12T11:15:00Z America/New_York Political+Roundtable+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Expo
Break 1: Business Expo
Time for the Virtual Expo and LIVE Video chat with our wonderful vendors! You can move from one vendor to the next. Make sure your audio & video is on.
2020-09-12T11:15:00Z 2020-09-12T11:30:00Z America/New_York Break+1%3A+Business+Expo Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Networking
Break 1: Networking
Network and chat with attendees, panelists, speakers, and DAC members
2020-09-12T11:15:00Z 2020-09-12T11:30:00Z America/New_York Break+1%3A+Networking Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Culture Through Food: Cooking Demonstrations & Recipes
Cooking Demos from Jamaica, Kenya, South Africa, and more!
Bridget Mbeng Amara Galileo RoseMarie McDonald Isidore Ogoussan Ruth Muli Francis Karani
2020-09-12T11:30:00Z 2020-09-12T12:15:00Z America/New_York Culture+Through+Food%3A+Cooking+Demonstrations+%26+Recipes Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Expo
Break 2: Business Expo
Our vendors are offering discounts or complimentary services. So turn on your audio and video, and click over to the Expo.
2020-09-12T12:15:00Z 2020-09-12T12:30:00Z America/New_York Break+2%3A++Business+Expo Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Networking
Break 2: Networking
One more time to connect and expand your network.
2020-09-12T12:15:00Z 2020-09-12T12:30:00Z America/New_York Break+2%3A+Networking Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Cultural Discussion: Building and Expanding Relationships
Interactive panel discussion with thought-leaders on issues such as social injustice, systemic racism, immigrant relations, achievement gaps, and more.
Amara Galileo Johnson Kolawole Harmon Carey Omar Burkhardt Tahiya Nyahuma Richard Raw Godbless Otubure Kelechi Lawrence
2020-09-12T12:30:00Z 2020-09-12T13:30:00Z America/New_York Cultural+Discussion%3A+Building+and+Expanding+Relationships Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Power Networking
Learn, connect and elevate with 1847 Financial, The Germ Killers, Jan-Pro and Decision Distribution America
Guy Dunn Bernie Hopewell morning Bob Cole Mujahid Nyahuma Isidore Ogoussan Kevin Coleman
2020-09-12T13:30:00Z 2020-09-12T14:00:00Z America/New_York Power+Networking Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Call to Action & Closing
Johnson Kolawole Kelechi Lawrence
2020-09-12T14:00:00Z 2020-09-12T14:15:00Z America/New_York Call+to+Action+%26+Closing Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)


Guy Dunn

Power Networking

Gretchen Bauer


Michael Butler

Political Empowerment and Education Committee Chairperson

Ajawavi Ajavon

Candidate for New Castle County Clerk of Peace

Karen James

Holistic Health Suite & Cafe'

Eunice Gwanmesia

CEO, Eunity Solutions

Bridget Mbeng

Central Africa, Cameroon Cooking Demo

Harmon Carey

Founder and Executive Director of WHGE 95.3FM

Omar Burkhardt

Residential Mortgage Banker

Rysheema Dixon

Candidate for City Council At-Large

Bernie Hopewell morning

Decision Distribution America

Donyale Hall

Candidate for Lt. Governor of Delaware

Hunter Hastings

Candidate for Sussex County Council District 1

Johnson Kolawole


RoseMarie McDonald

Kadis's Kitchen

Matt Meyer

New Castle County Executive

Tahiya Nyahuma

COO, HealthLink International

Bob Cole


Terrance Baker

Candidate for 14th District Senator

Shane Darby

Candidate for Wilmington City Council

Amara Galileo

DAC General Secretary

Mujahid Nyahuma

President and CEO, The Germ Killers

Godbless Otubure

Founder, ReadyToLeadAfrica

Richard Raw

Founder, Richard Raw Productions

Isidore Ogoussan

1847 Financial.

Francis Karani

Moderator & DAC Treasurer

Ruth Muli

Moderator & VP, DAC Membership

Kevin Coleman

Moderator & DAC Financial Secretary

Kelechi Lawrence

Moderator & DAC President

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Creating purposeful solutions that liberate individulas and organizations.

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Delaware Africa Coalition

To advance the interests of people of African descent in Delaware and beyond.

1847 Financial.

A full service financial planning firm specializing is helping individuals and small businesses manage their finances, plan and protect their families and leave a legacy.

The Germ Killers

2-Step Disinfect & 90 Day Antimicrobial Protection System. Effective against Covid-19 on porous and nonporous surfaces. Environmentally friendly, water-based, safe for humans, animals, and plants.

Decision Distribution America

A certified minority-owned & operated company providing a wide range of products to project owners and to contractors in several trades.


For over 23 years, Jan-Pro provides Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services through Authorized Franchise Owners.

Eunity Solutions

A Multidimensional consulting firm that promotes culture, diversity and inclusion among other cutting-edge services.

Pryme Styles Barbershop & Cafe

Sip While You Sit