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Fiona Russell

Group Leader/Senior Principal Research Fellow

Allen Cheng

Director, Infection Prevention and Healthcare Epidemiology Unit, Alfred Health

Jeremy Carr

Infectious Diseases Physician, Monash Health

Jim Buttery

Head, Health Informatics, Epidemiology and Signal Detection, SAEFVIC, MCRI

Jessica Kaufman

Research fellow in the Vaccine Uptake Group, MCRI

A/Prof Sara Barnes

Head of Allergy, Monash Health

Lynne Addlem

Immunisation Nurse Practitioner Candidate, The Royal Children’s Hospital

Catherine Hughes

Immunisation Champion, Founder of Light for Riley - Immunisation Foundation of Australia

Sarah Pitts

Immunisation Nurse, Monash Health

Karen Bellamy

Immunisation Nurse Practitioner, Monash Health

Nigel Crawford

Director, MVEC and SAEFVIC, MCRI

Francesca Machingaifa

Education Nurse Coordinator, MVEC

Rachael McGuire

Education Nurse Coordinator, MVEC

Lynn Gilham

Academic Director, Children’s Bioethics Centre, The Royal Children’s Hospital

Julie Leask

Professor, The University of Sydney

Daryl Cheng

Medical Lead, MVEC

Georgina Lewis

Clinical Manager, SAEFVIC, MCRI




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