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Ben Sehl

CEO @ Kotn

Bernard Moon

Co-founder of Spark Labs

Susan Shu Chang

Principle Data Scientist @ Wealthsimple

Bob Sample

Sabrina Chartrand

PR @ Huawei

Matt Zhao

PM @ Indeed

Kaivalya Gandhi

PM @ Yahoo Mail

Rishan Lye

Partner, Consulting @ BDO Canada

Serena McDonnell

Sr. Data Scientist @ Delphia

Bryan Pham

CEO @ Asian Hustle Network

Jihoon Jeong

Advisor @ Samsung, LG Electronics

Jerry Lee

COO @ Wonsulting

Jonathan Javie

CEO @ Wonsulting

Victor Kovalev

Former CTO @ Redbubble/Yelp

Malte Ian Lauterbach

Head Analyst @ Reason21

Kevin Xu

Senior Director of International Expansion Strategy @ Github

Minjun Chen

UX Designer @ Amazon

Aubrey De Grey

Chief Science Officer @ SENS Research Foundation

Jamie Quint

Former Head of Growth @ Notion

Harley Finkelstein

President @ Shopify

Ge Wang

Professor @ Stanford

David Thompson

Product Director of turbotax @ Intuit

Vivian Li

Senior D&I Manager @ RBC

Wendy Cukier

Founder of Diversity Institute

Arielle Lok

Founder @ Peko, VC Analyst @ Ripple Ventures

Robyn Orsini

Business Development Consultant @ Martal Group

Jenn Henley


Ron Hyman


Rifa Tamanna

Operations Lead

Justin Zheng

CEO, Matrix

Omna Toshniwal

Senior PM @ Consensys

Michael Ioffe

CEO @ Arist

Daniel Huang

CEO @ Monet

Yash Godiwala

Chief of Staff @ Fion

Rahul Rana

Summer Associate @ Lux Capital

Sophia Dhrolia

Director of D&I

Crystal Hunt

Senior Program Manager @ Shopify

Linda Chen

Director, Technical Program Management @ Facebook

Jenny Sun

SWE @ Instagram

Clarisse Schneider

SWE @ Facebook

Motasem Salem

Data Scientist @ Flipp

Michelle Reyes (she/her/hers)

Campus and Community Program Manager @ Geotab Inc.

Vivian Phung

SWE @ Facebook

Amjad Masad

CEO/Co-Founder @

Sara Du

Founder @ Alloy

Priya Ghose

SWE @ Airgarage

Michelle Qin

VC Intern @ Floodgate

Iris Guo

PM Intern @ Google X

Akshaya Dinesh

Co-founder of Ladder

Alison Evans Adnani

Dev Degree Lead @ Shopify

Karly Hou (Wave Learning Festival)

Founder @ Wave Learning Festival

Jonathan Hsu

Analyst @ Esplanade Ventures

Faisal Abid

CEO @ Eireen

Ryan D'Silva

Former Principal Product Manager @ Eventbrite

Carl Barrelet

Director of Data Science @ KPMG

Helen Huang

Founder @ Co.Lab

Sarah Gray

Lead Technical Recruiter @ JobJunxion

Amma Kwateng

Director/Technical Program Manager @ Microsoft

Serena Li

Building something new

Winona Huang

Community & Partnership @ ADPList

Ralf Klinkenberg

Co-founder of Rapid Miner

Leonard Lee

Managing Director of VC @ NextCurve

Sonia Edmonds

BDO Consulting Service Line Leader @ BDO Canada

Shafina Hassam

Manager, Modern Workplace Technology @ BDO Canada

Peter Poydenko

Intern, Azure Cloud DevOps Engineer @ BDO Canada

Alex Ng

Senior Manager, Consulting @ BDO Canada

Piro Dhimitri

Manager, Consulting @ BDO Canada

Rebecca Wellum

VP Compliance & Diversity @ Geotab

Indra Sofian

Founder @ Sora Schools

Muna Khayyat

VP @ Morgan Stanley

Alice Gao

Lecturer & Advisor @ University of Waterloo

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