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Susan Tran

Sr Product Manager, Catalyst

Edward Chiu

Chief Executive Officer, Catalyst

Rosie Roca

Chief Customer Officer, Hopin

Godard Abel

Chief Executive Officer, G2

Gillian Heltai

Chief Customer Officer, Lattice

Udi Ledergor

Chief Marketing Officer, Gong

Junan Pang

Head of Customer Success, Americas West, Slack

Jessica Green

SVP Customer Success, Lever

Kevin Chiu

Chief Operating Officer, Catalyst

Arjun Devgan

Global VP Customer Success, Amplitude

Sam Jacobs

Founder & CEO, Pavilion

Mike Zinne

Chief Customer Officer, Outreach

Kelly Bray

Head of Customer Success Scaled & Strategic Programs, Slack

Jay Nathan

Chief Customer Officer, Higher Logic

Veronica Dasovich

VP Customer Success, Heap

Vas Natarajan

Parnter, Accel Ventures

Brian O'Reilly

VP, Sales, Customer Success & Operations, Melio

Tom Ronen

Head of Customer Success,

Sydney Strader

Head of Customer Success, Catalyst

Matt Curl

VP Revenue Operations, Checkr

Conor Nolen

Global VP, Customer for Life, Clari

Sunil Joseph

Global VP Customer Success, StackOverflow

Adam Wall

Sales Operations Manager - Global Ad Sales, Unity

Ben Winn

Manager, Community & Events, Catalyst

Rosa Gandler

Director, Customer Revenue Operations, Greenhouse

Kyle Petersen

Head of Sales, Catalyst

Diana De Jesus

CSM Strategist, Catalyst

Racheal Starke

Global Head of CS Enablement, Amplitude

Melinda Gonzalez

VP Customer Success, Pendo

Allen Kobayashi

VP GTM Strategy & Revenue Operations, Airtable

Emilia D'Anzica

Founder, Growth Molecules

Scott Freifeld

VP, Revenue Operations, Braze

Brooke Simmons

VP Customer Success, Spekit

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