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Ophelia Johnson

Associate Director - Access Marketing Innovative Resources and Solutions at Bristol Myers Squibb

Iris Cullinan

Client Engagement Manager at Cultivate

Karima Moustafa

Social Learning Coach at Mars

Jake Breeden

Partner at Cultivate

Stephanie Hart

Senior Learning Designer at Cultivate

Craig Thomason

Director of Global Employee and Leadership Communications at Merck

Molly Shunney

Associate Manager, Marketing + Media Strategy at The New York Times

David Borja

Associate Director, Lens Design at Alcon

Coltrane Stansbury

Vice President - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Macmillan Learning

Lalaine Gedal

Associate Director for Leader Development USBU at Takeda

Elizabeth A. Carter, PhD

Vice President, Clinical Strategy Execution & Business Operations at Highmark, Inc.

Calvin McKee

Senior Diversity & Inclusion Specialist at Shopify

Carolina Kunnen

Principal Clinical Development & Medical Affairs Project Lead at Alcon

Steven Panza

Innovation and Design Thinking Lead at Experian

Frederica Spotser

Workplace Culture Designer at Cultivate

Kris Bell

Head of Research at Cultivate

Steve Garguilo

Founder + CEO at Cultivate

Maureen Gillespie

Faculty Chair at Cultivate

Shelina Ramnarine

Director Our Race to Health Equity Community Engagement at Johnson & Johnson

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We make big companies more empowering places to work. Cultivate is a small company dedicated to making huge changes to workplace culture. We know that no outside firm or consultancy knows your business the way your employees do. If you aren’t actively investing in the empowerment of your employees, you're allowing their unique points of view and ideas to go unheard and undiscovered. Our team of experts leverages ongoing research, bespoke educational programs, and community building to empower employees where they are. Learn more:

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