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Shannon Nangle

Co-Founder and CEO of Circe

Avery Hairston

MBA Candidate at Berkeley-Haas

Angela Braren

Head of New Ventures at Perfect Day

Max Rye

Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of Turtle Tree

Jess Krieger

Co-Founder and CEO of Ohayo Valley

Danielle Nierenberg

President of Food Tank

Nicky Quinn

Global Marketing Director at Aleph Farms

Christina Agapakis

Creative Director at Ginkgo Bioworks

Isha Datar

Executive Director of New Harvest

Timothy Olsen

Jasmin Kern


Hosted by

Cultivate Tomorrow

Cultivate Tomorrow is the first US hackathon focused solely on cellular agriculture and cell cultured food. This hackathon will work to lower the barrier to enter the cell cultured food industry for STEM and non-STEM individuals. We will create a large network and community of diverse individuals with different backgrounds, skills, and interests. Together we will brainstorm, innovate, and re-imagine the future of food.

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