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Content Strategy Collective Live

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Jamie Indigo

Technical SEO Consultant, Not a Robot

Rick Leach

Senior Project Manager, Crowd Content

Shash Krishna

Machine Learning Research Engineer, MarketMuse

Uli Soeffing

Data Science Manager, MarketMuse

Michael Mayday

Digital Content Manager, ON24

Remy Brommer

Senior Manager of UX, MarketMuse

Marcos Rocha

VP of Sales, MarketMuse

Natalia Palma

New Client Onboarding Manager, MarketMuse

Ahmed Dawod

Machine Learning Research Engineer, MarketMuse

Noah Davis

Chief Technology Officer, MarketMuse

Victor Giotto

Senior Account Executive, MarketMuse

Stephen Jeske

Senior Content Strategist, MarketMuse

Paul Shapiro

Technical SEO Lead, Shopify

Kayla Schorr

Content Manager, Millionacres

Amy Aitman

Chief Operating Officer, Venture 4th Media

Camden Gaspar

Content Marketing Manager, MarketMuse

Elizabeth Irvine

VP of Marketing, MarketMuse

Chuck Frydenborg

Chief Executive Officer, MarketMuse

Aki Balogh

Co-Founder & President, MarketMuse

Katy Nardozzi

Account Manager, MarketMuse

Annabelle Hopper

Jr. Sales Engineer, MarketMuse

Melissa Bogel

Account Manager, MarketMuse

Dave Juengst

Sales Engineer, MarketMuse

Chris Savage

Co-founder & CEO, Wistia

Jonti Bolles

Owner, White Hat Ops

Alston Antony

Co-Founder, Maxinium

Britt Teravainen

Managing Director of Marketing Technology, Boathouse

Tracy Dahl

Editorial Director, The Motley Fool Blog Network

Erin Mahoney

Founder, First 31

Jake Goloboy

Account Executive, MarketMuse

Dennis Shiao

Founder of Attention Retention LLC

Malcolm Tyson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Nichesss

Chuck Mullins

Senior Advisor at Quiet Light

Steven van Vessum

VP of Community, ContentKing

Dylan Millhouse

Account Manager, MarketMuse

John Jantsch

Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Founder, The Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network

Kris Ruby

CEO, Ruby Media Group

Rand Fishkin

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SparkToro

Colleen Jones

Founder, Content Science

Kevin Indig

Director of SEO, Shopify

Zoe Hawkins

Content Marketing Manager, Dgraph Labs

Peter Mahoney

Founder & CEO, Plannuh

Noah Learner

Product Director, Two Octobers

Heidi Cohen

Chief Content Officer, Actionable Marketing Guide

Eli Schwartz

Author of Product-Led SEO

Andy Crestodina

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder, Orbit Media Studios

Jeff Coyle

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse

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MarketMuse is a content intelligence platform that sets the standard for content quality. Our AI-powered platform increases traffic and engagement, improves productivity, and drives revenue. MarketMuse analyzes millions of articles on demand, uncovering gaps and opportunities to empower marketers to craft high-quality content their audience loves and search engines reward.

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