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Tracheopteryx Yearn

Contributor at Yearn & Coordinape

James Young

Founder of @Abridged_io , Makers of @Collab_land_

Auryn MacMillan

Gnosis, CLR Fund

Ross Middleton

Co-Founder of DeversiFi

Mark Smargon


Luis Macias

CEO, Grainchain

Lior Messika

Founder, Managing Partner at Eden Block

Dermot O'Riordan

Partner at Eden Block

Nelson Ryan

Senior Associate at Eden Block

Tom Teman

Co-Founder of Portis

Michael O'Rourke

Co-Founder of Pocket Network

Elias Simos

Protocol Specialist at @Coinbase via @BisonTrails . Investing with @DPCio

Jack Du Rose

Co-Founder of Colony Network

Paul Float Protocol

Lead Dev, Float Protocol

Ganesh Swami

CEO at Covalent

Rami Beracha

Partner at Eden Block

Ahmed Al-Balaghi

Co-Founder at Biconomy

Ollie Blears

Associate Member at RW Blears LLP

Tamlyn Rudolph

Co-founder, Vega Protocol

Barney Mannerings

Founder, Vega Protocol

Klaus Kursawe

Consensus Research, Vega Protocol

Samantha Yap

Founder & CEO, YAP Global

Freddie Farmer

DeFi Expert

Keli Callaghan

Head of Marketing, Algorand

Ian Plunkett

Director of Global Communications, Twitter

Sidney Powell

Co-founder, Maple Finance

Guy Melamed

CEO, Exberry

Yoel Cheshin

Managing Partner, 2bAngels

Itai Elizur

COO & Partner, MarketAcross

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Eden Block

Eden Block backs the builders of the new open internet.

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