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CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual: Science and Societal Narratives

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Tamar Haspel

Washington Post Columnist

antonio regalado

Senior Editor for Biomedicine, MIT Technology Review

Elliot Kirschner

Executive Producer, Human Nature and the Wonder Collaborative

Ting Wu

Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

Devon Peña

Professor, University of Washington

Maui Hudson

Associate Professor, University of Waikato

Dr. Keolu Fox

Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego

Krystal Tsosie

Co-Founder, Native BioData Consortium

Calandra McCool

Associate Attorney, Big Fire Law and Policy Group

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CRISPRcon is a unique forum bringing diverse voices together to discuss the future of CRISPR and related gene editing technologies across applications

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What is CRISPRcon?

Rather than a traditional science conference, CRISPRcon is a dialogue across disciplines and perspectives

2020 talk: Calandra McCool

Watch the full presentation from panelist Calandra McCool, Associate Attorney, Big Fire Law and Policy Group

2020 talk: Devon Peña

Watch the full presentation from panelist Dr. Devon Peña, Professor, University of Washington

Partner: Innovative Genomics Institute

Advancing genome research for a better world

Partner: Native BioData Consortium

A Laboratory of Their Own, A Database of Their Own, An Economy of Their Own, A Future of Their Own

Sponsor: Corteva Agriscience

Growing progress and ensuring the success of generations to come

Sponsor: United Soybean Board

Helping to ensure a strong and profitable future for U.S. soybean farmers

Keystone Policy Center

Empowering leaders to thoughtfully engage on complex policy issues

What is CRISPR?

Introduction to CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing

What is CRISPR?

Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9

How CRISPR lets us edit our DNA

TED talk by Jennifer Doudna

What is CRISPR?

What is gene editing, and what is somatic vs. germline editing?

2019 panel: What's At Stake

Featuring Joseph MV Yracheta of Native BioData Consortium

2019 flash talk: #DNAdialoog

A first glimpse into the national dialogue on germline modification

2019 flash talk: Drawing on Experts, Publics, and Stakeholders to Inform Genome Editing Research

Featuring Lea Witkowsky of Innovative Genomics Institute

Bringing in the Public

From the 2019 CRISPR Consensus? conference organized by Innovative Genomics Institute, Keystone Policy Center, and Arizona State University

2018 panel: Of the People, By the People, For the People

Gene editing and technology democratization

2018 panel: CRISPR and the ‘Culture Creators’

The role of thought leaders, trendmakers, and trust builders in societal conversations on gene editing

2018 panel: It Takes a Village

Scientists, communities, and the co-development of ecotechnologies

2018 panel: What's At Stake

Diverse perspectives on the promise and perils of gene editing

2017 talk: Taking the Debate from the Lab to the Living Room

Reflections from a CRISPR researcher on the social dimensions of the science

2017 panel: CRISPR in the Public Eye

Societal perceptions of science