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Creative Collisions: Tech Innovation shaping the future of Canada Net-Zero

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Charles-André Major

Conseiller au développement | Ville de Montreal

Alexandra Coste

Chargée de projets événements, communications et partenariats | PME MTL

Grant Clark

Associate Professor | Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, McGill University

Steven Fortier

Co-CEO | Aquantix

Toby Messier

MD, Co-CEO | Aquantix

Patricio Gutierrez Mella

Open Innovation Direction | Cooperathon

Kevin Drouin-leger

Responsable des opérations | Centrale agricole

Hélène Saint-Jacques

Chargée de projets - Développement économique durable | PME MTL

Jean-Philippe Vermette

Directeur intervention et politiques publiques | Centrale agricole

Georges Aczam

PDG-Cofondateur | AquaVerti Farms

Sebastien Engelmann

Soil Carbon Partnerships | Terramera

Andrew Bate

Chief Executive Officer | SwarmFarm Robotics

Drew Schumacher

Rogo President & Co-Founder | Rogo

Dale Boucher

CEO | Deltion Innovations Ltd

Jim Richard

Chairman of the Board | Deltion Innovations Ltd

Samuel Fournier

Co-Founder & CEO | ChrysaLabs

Gwendolynn Heloua

Marketing and communications | Montreal NewTech

Nada Belhadfa

Account Manager | KPMG

Carol Stoker

Research Scientist | NASA Ames Research Center

Michael Stoeckert

CTO | Agryo

Isaque Eberhardt

CEO and Co-Founder | Agryo.

Olivier Demers-Dubé

Senior Advisor, Innovation & Strategic Business Development | Zone Agtech

Evgueni Loukipoudis

CTO | Digital Technology Supercluster

Rahul Gundala

Cofounder & CTO | Sensegrass

Lalit Gautam

Chief Executive Officer | Sensegrass

Julia Zakov

Senior Manager USA sustainability & CSR | Lactalis American Group

Andrew Ross

Senior Manager, Sustainability & Climate Change | KPMG Canada

Emmanuelle Tavernier

Fondatrice CEO | Oxia Initiative

Jerome Petigny

Practice leader - Climate Change | Desjardins

Andy Manel

XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion Ambassador for Canada | D3 Innovation Center

Alejandro Martinez-Ramos

Director of programming and General Coordinator | Montreal NewTech

John Dilley

Vice President Innovation and Technical Regulatory Affairs | Lactalis Canada

ilias Benjelloun

Senior Open Innovation Strategist | Desjardins Lab and President | Montréal NewTech

Laurette Dubé

Professor and Scientific Director | McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics

Daniel Penn

Head of Business Development | Terramera

Steven Slater

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives | Terramera

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