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Christopher Tudge

Professor of Biology

Christine Sandberg

@christinescrabcare on Insta / @c_fiesta on HCA

Angela Sayre

Among the Natives: Crustacean Plantation Gets Up-Close-and-Personal with C. clypeatus

Larisa Meeks

Starter Pets: The Unlikely History of Hermit Crab Keeping

Brandi Jennings

Holistic Hermies: Natural Foods Shopping for Hermit Crabs

Brenda Cosola

Crabitat gigantus: Managing the Special Needs of a Larger Enclosure

Evie Spencer

Preventing and Exterminating Common Pests in the Crabitat

Rita Clemens

The Art of the Rescue: The Pros and Cons of Doing Hermit Crab Rescue Work

Ned Suesat-Williams

The Crab Museum

Tiffany Boer

On Breeding C. variabilis

Tammy Weick

Mating in Land Hermit Crabs

Jessica Valderrama

Getting to Know You: Learning to Recognize the Signs and Causes of Unusual Behavior

Pearl Marley

Sentient Souvenirs

Jeff Songster

Crabbing since 2004

Stacy Griffith

LHCOS President

Daniel Kaye

Creator of Milo the Hermit Crab

rachael cusick

Radiolab Producer

Jobeth Chay

Ideas for Integrating Hermit Crabs as a Classroom Pet

Amber Rupe

Crab Keeping for the Neuro-Spicy

Mary Akers

Hermit House Founder

Jeanne Singhass

Moss Lady

Hosted by

Crab Con

International (Virtual) Hermit Crab Conference sponsored by LHCOS, CrabStreet Journal, Hermit House, and EarthWaterFireStudio

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