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Courtney Karr

BioActive FX

Mike Vukoder

My Summer with Jonathan Livingston Crab

Jessica Valderrama

Baby Talk!

Meredith Hass


Jay DaSilva

HERMIT CRAB, HERMIT CRAB, WHAT DO YOU SEE?: Exploring Hermit Crab Sensory Perceptions

Andrea Skinner


Dr. Judith Weis

Wild Hermit Crabs and Plastic Pollution

Stacey May

My Hungry Hermit (owner)

Shawn Miller

CRABS WITH BEACH TRASH HOMES: Okinawa Nature Photography Update

Felix Pramono

SPECIES UPDATE: Announcing Two New Coenobita species classifications

Su-Han Kim

MICROSHELLS FOR MEGALOPA: How to Find and Process Them

Sarah Porter


Samantha Denius

CRABS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN: How hermit crabs interact--and the role of environment in play

Dan Comoss

CRABS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN: How hermit crabs interact--and the role of environment in play

Tammy Weick

What IS That Thing?? The Weirder Parts of Hermit Crab Anatomy

Christina Dailey

Crazy Crab Kids

Mike Vukoder

My Summer with Jonathan Livingston Crab

Daniel Kaye

Author/Creator of Milo the Hermit Crab

Jessy Stoneroad

The Crabby Hermit

Carol Fox

The Crabby Hermit

Jaimie Brown

The Crabby Hermit

Valecia Walker

The Crabby Hermit

Brenda Cosola


Grace Foster

Meet the Sellers

Lisa Siatkosky

Baby Talk!

Angela Sayre

Crustacean Plantation

James Aubrey

Captive-bred baby keeper

Lynn Bemer Coble

Paws and Claws Publishing

Aura Hutchens

Aura's Ark

Sarah Ybarra

Pincher Pal

Misty Thompson

MT Pet Emporium

Crab Central Station

Educators, YouTubers, and Breeders

Darcy Madsen

Crab Central Station and Hermit House Breeder

Amanda Mitchell

LHCOS Local Rep

Christine Altman

Baby Talk!

Tricia Landers

Just2OldCrabs (owner)

Moa Lundberg

What IS That Thing?? The Weirder Parts of hermit crab anatomy

Evelyn Spencer

ADVOCACY ON THE ROAD: Creating and Manning an LHCOS Booth at Shows

Grace Swain


Stacy Boltz

UNDERSTANDING Es: The Elusive and Enigmatic C. compressus

Dakota (Kodi) Van Rooy

HERMIT CRAB ENRICHMENT: Tips, Tricks, and DIY Projects

Kelsey Feighner

HERMIT CRAB, HERMIT CRAB, WHAT DO YOU SEE?: Exploring Hermit Crab Sensory Perceptions

Kelly Elder

FRUGAL FEEDING: The Waste Not, Want Not Approach to Hermit Crab Nutrition

Katie hildal

HERMIT CRAB ART THROUGH THE AGES: 2-D, 3-D, and Body Art, from Then to Now

Becca Delk

CRANKY CRABS: Possible Causes of Aggression and How to Address Them

Savannah Claussen

MYTHBUSTERS 2.0: The Hermit Crab Version

Jeanne Singhass

BRINGING NATURE INSIDE: How and Where to Use Foraged Items in Your Crabitat

rita clemens

ON THE CHEAP: A Stroll Through the Dollar Store to Outfit Your Crabitat

Jeff Songster

TINY TOPPERS: Making the Most of Limited Tank Space

Mary Akers


Christine Sandberg


Stacy Griffith


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Crab Con

International (Virtual) Hermit Crab Conference sponsored by LHCOS, CrabStreet Journal, Hermit House, and EarthWaterFireStudio

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