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FAWCO Environment Festival

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Proudly supported by


Jacqui Patterson

Sr. Director, Environmental and Climate Justice Program NAACP

Meenakshi Vivek Rai

Biodiversity & Native Landscapes

Kinzong S Bhutia

KCC Co-Founder & General Secretary

Pema G Bhutia

Protecting Himalayan Landscapes & Zero Waste

Shamili Ajgaonkar

Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

Tonya Teichert

FAWCO Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair

Supraja Dharini

Tree Foundation

Amanda Drollinger

Washable Diapers

Adam Cassi

Keep Toledo Beautiful

Clare Boersch

The Climate Feminist Renaissance

Janet Chapman

Digital Champions and Mapping

Sheila Doucet

member of AAWE Paris and FAWCO Environment Team

Katja Malinowski

SDG Ambassador

Mimi Gilmore-Maurer

Renewable Energy and the Law

Therese Hartwell

Lunafest and Beyond

Monica Jubayli

Scuba Diving

Ayuska Motha

Digital Champions and Mapping

Alexandra (Vo) De Jager

FAUSA, the FAWCO Environment Team, a SDG Awareness Team Leader, and a FAWCO UN Representative.

Tharien van Eck

Chair Target Program and passionate watercolourist

Adelina Matinca

Vegan Cooking

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Inspiring Women Worldwide


Plant Based Diet

Recipes and recorded cooking Demo

The Underwater Environment

A Scuba Diver’s View of Life Beneath the Waves

Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful

A New (Sustainable) Normal

Sea Turtle Saviours

Every Individual Making A Difference

Seed, Soil, and the Soul:

Educating for Action at a Community College

Gardening for Biodiversity

Creating and Sustaining Natural Ecosystems

Himalayan Landscapes

Khangchedonzga Conservation Committee, Trails towards Zero Waste

Digital Champions & Mapping

Fighting Climate Change in Tanzania

Saturday Night Movie -

The Woman Who Loves Giraffes- Director: Alison Reid

ECO Babies

The wonderful world of Washable Diapers

The Climate Feminist Renaissance

Women’s Salon with Clare Celeste

How the Environment and Humanity Lose

When Women Get Pushed out of Science

Refuse Plastic

What is Plastic doing to our environment

It's an Environment Trivia Evening

but it's not Trivial!

Renewable Energy and the Law

Achieving a Sustainable and Just Energy Transition


Celebrating 90 Years!

FAWCO Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of the world of FAWCO clubs

Target Water

The First Target Project



FAWCO & Climate Change Summits

COP and Climate Change information


connecting to nature

Environmental Justice

Climate Justice

The FAWCO Foundation

A Term in Review

Target Program

Promoting Well-Being and Healthy Lives for Women and Girls

Raising Funds

What is a Perfect World

New Environment DG

Reforest the Earth


Development Grants

D&I Task Force

Representation Matters

UN Advocacy

Find out about our advocacy and activism at the UN!

SDG Awareness

Decade of Action

Environment Team

Each person can make a difference

FAWCO Youth Team

Youth Engagement — Making a Difference

U40 Happy Hour

The One About The U40 Group