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Ally Lucas

UX Researcher

Dan Kellett

Solutions Architect

Matt Kissick

Design Director

Tulsi Desai

Senior UX Researcher

Martin Garcia

UX Researcher

Angie Meltsner

Mixed Methods Researcher

Connie Yang

Qualitative User Researcher

Karen Clark Cole


Elizabeth Hyman


Mary Lanni

Principal UX Researcher

Bora Eryilmaz

Principal Software Developer

Chris Mueller

Design Director

Sandra Barnat

Principal UX Researcher

Sarrah Vesselov

Director of Design

Fonz Morris

Lead Product Designer, Global Conversion

Teresa Swingler

Director Of User Experience

Sharon Bautista

Research Director

Denise Kadilak

Senior Manager/Information Architect

Hasani Burns

Senior UX Designer

Christelle Ngnoumen

Principal Behavioral Scientist

Michael Lewrick

Senior Advisor | Managing Director

Lisa Jennings Young

Staff Content Strategist

Matthew (Host) Ellison

Linda Wagener

Chief Culture Officer

Terri Rodriguez-Hong

Staff Designer

Eduardo Ortiz

CEO, Founding Partner

Laszlo Lazuer

Senior UX Developer

Iva Randelshofer

UX Research Operation Manager

Tracey Jackson

Senior User Experience Designer

Jenifer Beery


Neiha Arora

Director of Recruiting

Tasha Doerschel

Project Manager

Donna Glosser

Head of Qualitative Recruiting & Partner

Emi Fogg

Associate Director of Design

Ashleigh Axios

Chief Experience Officer & Co-Owner

Anijo Punnen Matthew

Interim Dean

Jeremy Williams

Senior UX Researcher 

Christopher Noessel

Senior Designer

Diana DeMarco Brown

Product Design Director

Susan Rice

VP, User Experience

JonDelina Buckley

Senior Director of Service Design

Irene Barber

Design Director

Tom Satwicz, Ph.D.

Head of Research and Partner

Heidi Adkisson

Principal UX Designer & Partner

Vladimir Potiyevskiy

UX Designer

Rebecca Shapiro

Director of User Experience

Nikki Lee

Independent Researcher

Jenn Downs

Lead UX Designer & Researcher

Winnie Mulli

Senior Product Designer

Jon Deragon

Head of Design

Anastasia Rezhepp

Head of Design

Paolo Tosolini

Founder Tosolini Productions

Branco Kuznar

Multilingual Enterprise UX Principal

DeWayne Esson

User Experience Manager

Alexi Glines

Director of Project Management

Ellen Chisa

Founder In Residence

Lisa Fraser

Vice President, User Research

Kim Wiessner

Director of Platform UX & CX Strategy

Aladrian Goods

Content Design Manager

Antonio De Pasquale

Senior Manager

Noelle Easterday

UX Researcher | Equity Engineering

Marina Kobayashi

UX Research Manager | Equity Engineering

Angela Pablo

Staff Interaction Designer | Equity Engineering

Real Canty

Senior User Experience Researcher | Equity Engineering

Joe Welinske

ConveyUX Program Manager

ConveyUX is the user experience conference from Blink. Since 2012, ConveyUX has gathered designers, researchers, strategists, product managers, and more to learn the latest about what’s going on the world of user experience.



Inspired Design, Informed by People

Insight Space

Qualitative Research Services and Facilities

ADA's Technical Books and Café

For the cravings ~ of ~ the technical mind.