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Bart Pronk

Wim Hof

Shyamala Prayaga

Senior Software Product Manager, Conversational AI: Deep learning at NVIDIA

Nicole Lloyd

UX Design Lead at Deloitte

Robert Wilson-Fry

Director, Partnerships & Alliances at Cognigy

Olaf Igesz

COO at Conversation Design Institute

Yannick Balk

Assistant professor University of Amsterdam / CATO Coach

Oita Coleman

Senior Advisor at Open Voice Network

Fred Graver

Founder Chief Creative Officer at Revery Media

Sibel Ciddi

Sr. Voice UX Architect at U.S. Bank

Asmita Vishwakarma

Client Engagement Manager at Quantiphi

Kanishk Mehta

Senior Client SOlution Partner at Quantiphi

Lana Gabriel

Conversation Design Program Manager at Soul Machines

Aditya Guruprasad

Conversational AI Strategist at Quantiphi

Jasper Klimbie

CPO at Conversation Design Institute

Andra Vaduva

Founder, CEO, at Hiboo

Isabela Berbel

Conversation Design Senior at Salesforce

Denise Martinez

Conversation Design Senior at Salesforce

Angela Kelly

Conversational UX Designer

Fabian Beringer

CEO/Co-founder at e-bot7 GmbH

Ann-Kathrin Ganzhorn

Senior Conversation Architect at Cognigy.AI

Patrick Hamelin

Growth Developer at Botpress Technologies Inc.

Daehli Nadeau-Otis

Developer Advocate at Botpress Technologies Inc.

Adi Sharma

Director, Virtual Assistant Design & Development at RBC

Himanshu Pitolwala

VP, Global Head of Solutions Engineering at

Jackson Miller

Senior Conversation Designer at

Judith McConnell

Chatbot Data Analyst at Qbox

Alison Houston

Data Model Analyst at QBox

Nabil Asbi

Principal Product Manager at Servicenow

Amanda Stevens

Director of Conversation Design at Master of Code

Boris Najafov

Managing Solutions Consultant at IST Networks

Otto Söderlund

CEO & Co-Founder at Speechly

Kat Zdan

Conversation Designer at Google

Kelly Cassidy

Director of Technology (North America) at Master of Code

Sarah Karam

Conversation Designer and NLU Trainer at RBC

Tony Ramos

Conversation Designer & Business Developer at Conversation Design Institute

Rebecca Evanhoe

Author at Rosenfeld Media

Willem Don

Senior AI Trainer at Conversation Design Institute

Brynn Chadwick

Principal Conversation Designer at nib Group

Bret Kinsella

Founder & CEO of

Jon Stine

Executive Director at Open Voice Network

Sylvain Perron

CEO & Co-founder at Botpress Technologies Inc.

Karen Greenwood

Global Services Strategy and Transformation at Johnson & Johnson

Chris Karcher

Director, Enabling Technology at Johnson & Johnson

Julia Anderson

Conversation Designer | Writer at Samsung Research America

Dustin Dye

Co-founder & CEO of Botcopy

Per Ottosson

CEO at Artificial Solutions

Alex Weidauer

Co-founder & CEO at Rasa

Skander Garroum

Co-Founder at Airy

Richard de Vries

UX Designer Sleep & Respiratory Care at Philips

Leonid Mishkind

Principal Manager AI Platforms at Vodafone

Michal Stanislawek

Co-Founder at Voicelunch

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald

Director Dutch Voice Coalition

Rob Lubow

Cofounder | CMO at Botcopy

Hans van Dam

Founder & CEO at Conversation Design Institute

Phil Harvey

Author (and Principal Program Manager) at Author (and Microsoft Research)

Benoit Alvarez

CTO (AI, NLP) at |

John Mulholland

Senior Innovation Director at Prophet

Vittorio Banfi

Co-founder & CEO at Botsociety

Ronald Ashri

Founder/CEO at OpenDialog

Peter Thomas

Global Education Strategist at Conversation Design Institute

Phil D Hall

Founder at Elzware Ltd

Matt Portillo

Conversation Design Lead at Amelia, an IPsoft Company

Dexter Zavalza

Conversational UX Lead at Deloitte Consulting

John Ball

Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Pat Inc.

Matt Buck

CTO at Voxable

Elizabeth Stokoe

Professor of Social Interaction at Loughborough University

Emily Lonetto

Head of Growth at Voiceflow

Greg Bennett

Director of Conversation Design at Salesforce

Allan Andersen

Director, Enterprise Solutions at Amelia an IPsoft Company

Braden Ream

CEO at Voiceflow

Jason F. Gilbert

Character Designer at Intuition Robotics

Chad Johnson

Director, Emerging Solutions at Sada

Alok Gupta

Architect, Emerging Solutions at Sada

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