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Connecting the Dots Summit

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· Sessions
Academic All-Star Panel
To set the stage for the day, an expert panel has been assembled to discuss the challenges facing suburbs in Ohio and across the nation.
Brandi Blessett Darrin Wilson Bernadette Hanlon
2021-05-26T12:00:00Z 2021-05-26T13:30:00Z America/New_York Academic+All-Star+Panel Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
It Takes a Village: Helping Suburban Residents to Access Stabilizing Social Services
This session covers Hamilton County social service providers who may partner with suburban governments so struggling residents can access needed services.
Gina Marsh Mary Reid Stephanie Moes Mark Lawson
2021-05-26T13:20:00Z 2021-05-26T14:30:00Z America/New_York It+Takes+a+Village%3A+Helping+Suburban+Residents+to+Access+Stabilizing+Social+Services+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
How Code Enforcement Reverses Suburban Decline
This panel discusses some great models of effective code enforcement, even if this is a task a local government will never cross of its “to do” list.
Emily Carnahan Geoff Milz Sally Martin Ed Cunningham Will Basil
2021-05-26T13:27:00Z 2021-05-26T14:30:00Z America/New_York How+Code+Enforcement+Reverses+Suburban+Decline+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Expo
Virtual Coffee Chat
Short break to talk one-on-one with the speakers about more specific questions you may have.
2021-05-26T14:30:00Z 2021-05-26T15:00:00Z America/New_York Virtual+Coffee+Chat+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Schools and Suburban Success
A discussion about how local governments can learn from schools' expertise to connect residents with services that provide stability for the whole community.
Stephanie Moes Kevin Jamison Darrell Yater
2021-05-26T14:57:00Z 2021-05-26T16:00:00Z America/New_York Schools+and+Suburban+Success+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Getting the Puzzle Pieces to Put Together: Land Assemblage Tips and Best Practices
This session will discuss strategies that increase the chances of success when undertaking a land assemblage project as well as sharing examples from the field.
Phillip Denning Holly Christmann Richard Tranter Melissa Johnson
2021-05-26T14:57:00Z 2021-05-26T16:00:00Z America/New_York Getting+the+Puzzle+Pieces+to+Put+Together%3A+Land+Assemblage+Tips+and+Best+Practices Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Strategic Governance with Shrinking Fiscal Resources
This session will teach local government leaders proven strategies for stretching tax dollars and improving services even with ever-tightening budgets
T.J. White Jerry Newfarmer Tanisha Briley Dan Gerard
2021-05-26T15:57:00Z 2021-05-26T17:00:00Z America/New_York Strategic+Governance+with+Shrinking+Fiscal+Resources Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Go Big or Go Home: Zoning and Densification in Suburban Renewal
This session will discuss three projects in Hamilton County that increased density using New Urbanist principles.
Elizabeth Blume Gregory Johnson Geoff Milz Tom Carroll
2021-05-26T15:57:00Z 2021-05-26T17:00:00Z America/New_York Go+Big+or+Go+Home%3A+Zoning+and+Densification+in+Suburban+Renewal+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Hamilton County Housing
This meeting questions how we go about recognizing that it is our collective responsibility to open all our communities up to affordable and workforce housing.
Jeniece Jones Kristen Baker Elizabeth Blume
2021-05-27T11:50:00Z 2021-05-27T13:25:00Z America/New_York Hamilton+County+Housing Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Getting Good Jobs for Great Residents: Workforce Development
This session will detail how to connect our residents with quality employers to improve community stability.
Rayshun Holt Joy Pierson Janice Urbanik
2021-05-27T13:25:00Z 2021-05-27T14:30:00Z America/New_York Getting+Good+Jobs+for+Great+Residents%3A+Workforce+Development Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Cutting Edge Insights on Zoning, Land Assemblage, and Housing
This session will describe housing plans commissioned by Hamilton County and introduce potential zoning codes that remove barriers to equity.
Tom Carroll Kristen Baker Jocelyn Gibson Andrea Jandricek
2021-05-27T13:26:00Z 2021-05-27T14:30:00Z America/New_York Cutting+Edge+Insights+on+Zoning%2C+Land+Assemblage%2C+and+Housing Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Expo
Virtual Coffee Chat
Short break to talk one-on-one with the speakers about more specific questions you may have.
2021-05-27T14:30:00Z 2021-05-27T15:00:00Z America/New_York Virtual+Coffee+Chat+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Housing Our Workforce
This discussion will offer insight into how the needed redevelopment inside the I-275 beltway can be part of a resilient and sustainable future for our region.
Elizabeth Blume Taylor Gruenwald Darin Hall Jennifer Walke
2021-05-27T14:55:00Z 2021-05-27T16:00:00Z America/New_York Housing+Our+Workforce Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Hamilton County’s Social Service Infrastructure
This session will describe the social and human services infrastructure in Hamilton County so local government leaders can see how services are provided.
Gina Marsh Moira Weir
2021-05-27T14:55:00Z 2021-05-27T16:00:00Z America/New_York Hamilton+County%E2%80%99s+Social+Service+Infrastructure Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
Forging New Relationships to Build Competitive Economic Regions: Cities and Suburbs Leading Together
Valerie Lemmie
2021-05-27T15:50:00Z 2021-05-27T17:00:00Z America/New_York Forging+New+Relationships+to+Build+Competitive+Economic+Regions%3A+Cities+and+Suburbs+Leading+Together+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)


Joy Pierson

Community Development Administrator, Hamilton County

Andrea Jandricek

Founder, Changing Ground Project

Jocelyn Gibson

Senior Consultant/City Planner, ZoneCo

Jeniece Jones

Executive Director, Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Greater Cincinnati

T.J. White

Executive Director, Center for Local Government

Holly Christmann

Assistant County Administrator, Hamilton County

Phillip Denning

Executive Vice President, The Port

Emily Carnahan

Program Manager, Hamilton County

Gina Marsh

Executive Director, Human Services Chamber

Rayshun Holt

Program Director, Beacon of Hope Alliance

Gregory Johnson

Chief Executive Director, Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority

Taylor Gruenwald

Model Group, Developer

Jerry Newfarmer

President and CEO, Management Partners

Ed Cunningham

Division Manager of Property Maintenance Code Enforcement, Cincinnati

Mark Lawson

President/CEO, Community Action Agency

Darin Hall

President/CEO, Civitas Development Group

Mary Reid

Social Services Director, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Kristen Baker

Executive Director, Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Janice Urbanik

Senior Director for Innovation and Strategy, National Fund for Workforce Solutions

Sally Martin

Housing Director, City of South Euclid

Valerie Lemmie

Director of Exploratory Research, The Kettering Foundation

Moira Weir

President/CEO, United Way of Cincinnati

Jennifer Walke

Vice-President of Development, Model Group

Elizabeth Blume

Director of the Community Building Institute (CBI), Xavier University

Darrell Yater

Assistant Superintendent, Northwest Local School District

Tom Carroll

Village Manager, Silverton

Dan Gerard

Director of Business Development, Peel9

Tanisha Briley

City Manager, Gaithersburg

Melissa Johnson

Executive Vice-President, The Port

Geoff Milz

Township Administrator, Colerain Township

Richard Tranter

Group Leader, Real Estate Practice

Kevin Jamison

Director of Human Resources, Princeton City School District

Will Basil

Landbank Manager, The Port

Stephanie Moes

Managing Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, LLC

Bernadette Hanlon

Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning, The Ohio State University

Darrin Wilson

Assistant Professor of Public Administration in the MPA Program, Northern Kentucky University

Brandi Blessett

Associate Professor, MPA Director University of Cincinnati

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Silverton was first incorporated in March of 1905, but it had been a train and railroad stop associated with Cincinnati for many years prior. Originally an outlying farm community settled in 1809, Silverton is today an inner ring suburb of the City of Cincinnati.

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