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Come Together — FAWCO Virtual Open Regional

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· Sessions
All Things Target - Live Chat with Lauren, Julie and Tharien
Join the Target Team: Tharien van Eck, Julie Lehr, and Lauren Mescon for this brainstorming session
Tharien van Eck Lauren Mescon Julie Lehr
· Stage
Welcome & Housekeeping
Official Welcome to our Virtual Open Regional and tips on how to engage with the event this weekend.
Emily van Eerten
· Stage
FAWCO News in Brief — Live!
Get an up-to-date overview about what's going on in FAWCO
Rozanne Van Rie
· Networking
Networking Break
Please click on the Networking tab to be connected with another participant for a few minutes. Then click again! (Or feel free to just take a break)
· Stage
Ethical Storytelling
Michelle Oliel is a Human Rights lawyer, Deputy Director of the Talsky Center, Co-founder and CEO of the Stahili Foundation. (Member AWC The Hague)
Michelle  Oliel
· Stage
Welcome Back
Emily van Eerten, FAWCO President
Emily van Eerten
· Stage
News from the FAWCO Foundation
Barbara Bühling will give an overview of the FAWCO Foundation
Barbara Bühling
· Stage
Rick Chizmadia, FAUSA President
Rick Chizmadia
· Stage
Clubs in Focus
Kanika Holloway, Club Presidents' Coordinator and Rozanne Van Rie, FAWCO VP-Member Clubs
Rozanne Van Rie Kanika Holloway
· Sessions
Club Presidents Breakout Session
Kanika Holloway, Club Presidents' Coordinator
Kanika Holloway
· Sessions
FAWCO Reps Breakout Session
Rozanne Van Rie, FAWCO VP-Member Clubs
Rozanne Van Rie
· Sessions
Open Session
FAWCO, Foundation and FAUSA Presidents will moderate this open session
Emily van Eerten Barbara Bühling Rick Chizmadia
· Networking
Networking Break
Please click on the Networking tab to be connected with another participant for a few minutes. Then click again! (Or feel free to just take a break)
· Expo
Live in the Expo Booths
FAWCO volunteers will be live in many of the Expo Booths
· Sessions
Connecting Through Our Differences
Traci Ruble, Therapist, Speaker, CEO. Featured in Forbes, The WSJ, ABC, CBS, and NPR, she is the founder of Sidewalk Talk. (Member of Heidelberg IWC)
Traci  Ruble
· Sessions
FAWCO Foundation Fundraising Event
Virtual Fundraising- Join us with your glass of wine, let the fun begin and the donations flow in!
Lauren Mescon Julie Lehr Barbara Bühling
· Stage
SDG Virtual Filmfest
FAWCO's new SDG Team Leaders host a collection of short films from MY World 360°, a campaign to inspire positive action toward the Sustainable Development Goals
Julia Rodriguez-Buis Katja Malinowski Alexandra (Vo) De Jager
· Sessions
How to Be a Better Ally
Intercultural negotiations specialist Cavana Hazelton will help you create the space needed for better interactions in diverse environments.
Cavana Hazelton Tonya Teichert
· Sessions
Target Program Q&A
FAWCO Target Chair will be live in a Target SESSION at 4pm to answer your questions about S.A.F.E., FGM, and more.
Tharien van Eck
· Expo
Expo Booths Live
FAWCO volunteers will be live in many of the Expo Booths


Cavana Hazelton

Intercultural Negotiations Specialist

Alexandra (Vo) De Jager

SDG Team Leader

Katja Malinowski

SDG Team Leader

Julia Rodriguez-Buis

SDG Team Leader

Tonya Teichert

Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Chair

Angela Aebersold

Foundation VP Programs

Julie Lehr

Foundation Target Fundraising

Lauren Mescon

Foundation VP Fundraising

Traci Ruble

Psychotherapist | Speaker | Sidewalk Talk Director

Rick Chizmadia

FAUSA President

Michelle Oliel

Executive Director Stahili | Deputy Director Talsky Center at MSU Law | Human Rights Consultant

Barbara Bühling

FAWCO Foundation President

Tharien van Eck

Target Program Chair

Kanika Holloway

Club Presidents' Coordinator

Rozanne Van Rie

VP Member Clubs

Emily van Eerten

FAWCO President

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Inspiring Women Worldwide

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