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Maria Finkelmeier

MF Dynamics

Marc Aptakin

CEO, Yes We Are Mad, Co-CEO of CODAMADE

cheryl catterall

Creative Director, Moment Factory

Michael Chavez

Public Art Program Manager for the City & County of Denver

Marjorie Guyon

i was here

Joseph O'Connell

President at Creative Machines

Edison Penafiel


Elizabeth Turk

Artist, Sculptor, ET Projects

Cory Van Lew


Ali Lahijanian


Eleanor Reynolds


Demiurge LLC


Scott Hallock

Managing Partner, North America, Limelight

Adam Brener

Partner, Corporate Development, Limelight

Mike Price

Associate, UAP

Josefina Sabatino


Libby Carruth

Lead Sculptor, Project Manager, FORM 3D

Eyal Chernichovsky

Process Engineer, Program Manager, FORM 3D

Brian McCutcheon

Owner & Creative Director, Ignition Arts

Zach Young

Senior Computational Designer & Fabrication Manager, Ignition Arts

Joe Meppelink

Principal/Project Manager, METALAB

Ender Martos

Artist, Tiburon

Mr Keppie

Chief Development Officer, Johnson Atelier

Carol Warner

Studio Liaison, Mayer of Munich

Tom Scalabre

Partner & Executive Creative Director, Superbien

Juliette Buffard

Head of Art Development & Studio Communications, Superbien

Adam Pere

VP Creative Technology, Envoy

Sean McChesney

Director, Business Development at Electrosonic

Dan Shaughnessy IV

Artist, DSIV

Charmaine Minniefield

The New Freedom Project

Heather Schatz

SVA NYC + University of Wisconsin, Madison

Melissa Mongiat

Daily tous les jours

Scott Mosley


Ilene Shaw

Founding Producer, Design Pavilion; CEO, Shaw & Co. Productions; Presenter, America By Design: Architecture TV on CBS

Jill Anholt

Artist and Owner, Jill Anholt Studio Inc.

Nathan Lachenmyer

Director of Technology at Sitara Systems

Vicki Scuri

Vicki Scuri Siteworks

Sadiya Akasha

COO, Director Of Product Development, Sitara Systems

Kris Collins

Managing Director of Cultural projects, MGAC

John Grant

Creative Design & Project Manager, Public Art Services

Julian Thayer

Distinguished Professor of Psychological Science at University of California Irvine

Matthew Geller

Artist, Hutabut LLC

Neil Ramsay

Creative Economist, Principal at CUUE (Creative Unique Urban Experiences)

Liza Quinonez

Founder, Curator & Producer, Street Theory

Chris Klapper

Installation Artist / Artist Residence at Fermilab 2020/2021

Doug McCraw

Founder, FATVillage Arts District

Debra Simon

Founder & President Debra Simon Art Consulting

Paul England

Director, Design Solutions, SNA Displays

Erik Lucero

Lead Scientist, Google Quantum AI

Forest Stearns


Susan Narduli

Artist and Architect, Narduli Studio

Cliff Garten

Artist and Director, Cliff Garten Studio

Kerry Adams Hapner

Cultural Affairs Director for the City of San Jose

Jason Bruges

Jason Bruges Studio

Gavin Downey

Group Product Manager, Epson America Inc.

Joseph Conover

Strategic Manager, Themed Entertainment Solutions, Panasonic Connect

Anne Strainchamps

Host and Co-founder, To the Best of Our Knowledge on PRX

Alice Berthault

Project Director, Wireframe

Bill Washabaugh


Thomas Payette

Co-founder + Creative Director, mirari

Gonzalo Soldi

Co-founder + Creative Director, mirari

Therese Lahaie


Dorka Keehn

Principal, Keehn On Art

David Glicksman

Director of Creative Technology, Gensler Digital Experience Design

Ricardo Rivera

Video Artist and Creative Director, Klip Collective

Gabby Shawcross

Design Director, Gensler Digital Experience Design

Tam Gryn

Chief Curator & Head of NFT Strategy, Yes We Are Mad

Chris Conte

Executive Consultant, Electrosonic

Nathan Myhrvold

Technology Leader, Photographer, Pizza Enthusiast

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