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Ivan Marziano

Research Fellow, Pfizer

Dr Sarah O'Keeffe

Vice President, Synthetic Molecule Design & Development (SMDD)

Prof Hannah Batchelor

Professor in Pharmaceutics

Dr Susan Reutzel-Edens

Head of Science

Prof Sarah Sharples

Prof of Human Factors, Faculty of Engineering, Univ of Nottingham & Chief Scientific Adviser for DfT

Dr Andrea Johnston

Associate Director

Prof Paul Sharratt

Cluster Director, Chemical Engineering and Food Technology

Prof Jon-Paul Sherlock

Senior Director, Innovative Manufacturing Technology

Prof Sir Jim McDonald


Massimo Bresciani

Industrial Director

Prof Alastair Florence

CMAC Director

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EPSRC Future Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation Research Hub (CMAC) is an international hub for excellence for medicines manufacturing research, comprising of 7 leading UK Universities, 7 global pharmaceutical partners and 17 technology companies. CMAC’s goal is to enable the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to deliver high quality products in a more economical, efficient, and sustainable manner, by advanced continuous manufacturing. The ambitious programme targets current and future needs by developing digital design and modelling methodologies as well as integrated, flexible, and modular end-to-end continuous processing. This approach involves product and process understanding of small molecule manufacturing, to meet the current industry demands for more personalised product performance for patients and consumers.


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