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Shilpika Gautam

Co-founder, Salt

Hélène Saurais

Co-founder, inoqo

Haley Boyd

Founder, Vert Science

Brittany Salas

Co-founder & CEO, Sadu

Maximilian Redwitz

Co-founder, Ecopals

Katja Wiesbrock Donovan

Executive Director at 1014

Chante Harris

Director, Venture for ClimateTech

Martin Rich

Founder, Future Fit Business

Candice Ammori

Director, Climate Tech at On Deck

Benjamin Bergner

Program Officer, 1014

Andre Cheung

Founder & CEO, Robotics Cats

Cedric Francois

Founder & CEO, Equium

Peet Denny

Founder, Potential Climate Ventures

Mathias Wikström

CEO, Doconomy

Sagnik Bhattacharjee

Co-founder & CTO, ECOTEN urban comfort

Avra van der Zee

COO, Elemental Excellerator

Lubomila Jordanova

CEO & Co-Founder Plan A

Santiago Levebvre

Founder, ChangeNOW

Chris Coleridge

Founder, Carbon13

Kayalin Akens-Irby

Head of Partnerships, PlanetFWD

Maiko Schaffrath

Founder, Impact Hustlers

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