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Edgar-John Vogt

Company Scout, German Accelerator

Shai Hirschson

Creative Managing Director, GINGER x MassiveMusic

Berkay Topuzoglu

HR Recruiter

Wendy Kopp

CEO & Co-founder, Teach For All

Sophie Richter-Mendau

Business Psychologist & AI Consultant, IBM

Michael Ronen

Founder, Wonderland Immersive Design

Alakina Mann

Somatic Coach & Medical Illustration

Lisa-Marie Fassl

Co-Founder & CEO, Female Founders

Alina Bassi

CEO & Founder, Kleiderly

Miroslav Dimitrov

Director, SAP.iO Foundry Berlin

Patricia Reiners

Innovation Designer

Yvonne Strauer

HR Recruiter, Bundesdruckerei

Stephan Schäfer

Lead Recruiter, Bundesdruckerei

Fabrice Grinda

Founding Partner, FJ Labs

Rebecca Carr

SVP Growth, SmartRecruiters, Inc.

Anne Philippi

Founder & CEO, The New Health Club

Martine Rothblatt

Chairman & CEO, United Therapeutics Corporation

Hanna Hennig

CiO, Siemens AG

Stefan Schwab

CEO, Enlighted, Inc.

Joanna Bryson

Professor of Ethics and Technology, Hertie School

george church

Professor, Harvard Medical School

Sarah Kunst

Managing Director, Cleo Capital

Amol Sarva

CEO & Co-Founder, Knotel

Oliver Kaltner

European CEO, ROOM

Sarah Tietze

Communications Lead Siemensstadt, Siemens AG

Emiko Terazono

Journalist, Financial Times

Loubna Bouarfa

Founder & CEO, OKRA Technologies

Sonja Hoppe

Head of Business Excellence, Siemens IT Application Platforms & Digital Solutions

Jeri Doris

Chief People Officer, Delivery Hero SE

Joy Howard

Chief Marketing Officer, Dashlane

Diva Hurtado

Mobile Product Manager, Dashlane

Niko LeWoi

Founder TOA

Bruce Schneier

Fellow and Lecturer/Chief of Security Architecture, Harvard Kennedy School/Inrupt, Inc.

Martin Varsavsky

Founder & CEO, Overture Life

Raquel Nascimento

Grow Manager, Ironhack

Miguel Gomes

Web Development Teacher

Hannah Schwär

Editor, Business Insider

Stan Boland

Co-Founder & CEO, Five

Pete Hallett

CTO, District Technologies

Dalad K

Michelin Star Chef, Kin Dee Berlin

Josh Tetrick

Co-Founder & CEO, Eat Just Inc.

Frida Polli

Co-founder & CEO, Pymetrics

Susan Danziger

Founder and Investor, Eutopia

Lars Gaede

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Work Awesome

Madhvi ramani

Creative Writer & Conceptor

Laura-Katharina Lewandowski

Columnist/Podcast Host/Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Red Bull

Christian Angermayer

Founder, Apeiron Investment Group

Justin Halsall

TOA AMA' Moderator & Founder of Record Once

Cal Henderson

Co-founder & CTO, Slack

Nicole Büttner

CEO, Merantix Labs

Marijn Roozemond

Creative Strategist Music & Brands, MassiveMusic Amsterdam

Marie-Sophie Guntram

Systemic consultant for the public sector in Germany, IMAP GmbH

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