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Shai Hirschson

Creative Managing Director, GINGER x MassiveMusic

Edgar-John Vogt

Company Scout, German Accelerator

Fabrice Grinda

Founding Partner, FJ Labs

george church

Professor, Harvard Medical School

Anne Philippi

Founder & CEO, The New Health Club

Hanna Hennig

CiO, Siemens AG

Sarah Kunst

Managing Director, Cleo Capital

Joanna Bryson

Professor of Ethics and Technology, Hertie School

Alina Bassi

CEO & Founder, Kleiderly

Amol Sarva

CEO & Co-Founder, Knotel

Oliver Kaltner

European CEO, ROOM

Christian Angermayer

Founder, Apeiron Investment Group

Emiko Terazono

Journalist, Financial Times

Loubna Bouarfa

Founder & CEO, OKRA Technologies

Stefan Schwab

CEO, Enlighted, Inc.

Rebecca Carr

SVP Growth, SmartRecruiters, Inc.

Cal Henderson

Co-founder & CTO, Slack

Jeri Doris

Chief People Officer, Delivery Hero SE

Joy Howard

Chief Marketing Officer, Dashlane

Diva Hurtado

Mobile Product Manager, Dashlane

Wendy Kopp

CEO & Co-founder, Teach For All

Patricia Reiners

Innovation Designer

Lisa-Marie Fassl

Co-Founder & CEO, Female Founders

Niko LeWoi

Founder TOA

Bruce Schneier

Fellow and Lecturer/Chief of Security Architecture, Harvard Kennedy School/Inrupt, Inc.

Martin Varsavsky

Founder & CEO, Overture Life

Nicole Büttner

CEO, Merantix Labs

Sophie Richter-Mendau

Business Psychologist & AI Consultant, IBM

Marijn Roozemond

Creative Strategist Music & Brands, MassiveMusic Amsterdam

Raquel Nascimento

Grow Manager, Ironhack

Miguel Gomes

Web Development Teacher

Marie-Sophie Guntram

Systemic consultant for the public sector in Germany, IMAP GmbH

Stephan Schäfer

Lead Recruiter, Bundesdruckerei

Yvonne Strauer

HR Recruiter, Bundesdruckerei

Martine Rothblatt

Chairman & CEO, United Therapeutics Corporation

Sarah Tietze

Communications Lead Siemensstadt, Siemens AG

Justin Halsall

TOA AMA' Moderator & Founder of Record Once

Hannah Schwär

Editor, Business Insider

Miroslav Dimitrov

Director, SAP.iO Foundry Berlin

Sonja Hoppe

Head of Business Excellence, Siemens IT Application Platforms & Digital Solutions

Berkay Topuzoglu

HR Recruiter

Madhvi ramani

Creative Writer & Conceptor

Alakina Mann

Somatic Coach & Medical Illustration

Michael Ronen

Founder, Wonderland Immersive Design

Stan Boland

Co-Founder & CEO, Five

Pete Hallett

CTO, District Technologies

Josh Tetrick

Co-Founder & CEO, Eat Just Inc.

Dalad K

Michelin Star Chef, Kin Dee Berlin

Frida Polli

Co-founder & CEO, Pymetrics

Susan Danziger

Founder and Investor, Eutopia

Lars Gaede

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Work Awesome

Laura-Katharina Lewandowski

Columnist/Podcast Host/Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Red Bull

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