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CLI Select Agencies Kick Off

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Michael Maul

Ezlynx : Account Manager

John Colvert

Nationwide : Business Development Director

Nick Ayers

Better Agency : Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew Markley

Nationwide : Business Development Manager

Benito Ortiz

Agency Owner : Strategic Insurance Group

Joe Stepanski

Agency Owner : Ownership Insurance

Kim Adkins

Safeco : Senior Territory Manager

Andrew Bolles

Safeco : Territory Manager

Woody Woodworth

President of Agent Associations : CLI Select Agencies

Heather McDougall

Chief Operating Officer : CLI Select Agencies

Michelle Geramanis

Ezlynx : Western Regional Sales Manager

Adam Czerwinski

Agency Owner : Sidebar Insurance Solutions

Albert Kimbrell

Agency Tech Director : CLI Select Agencies

Dawnyel Smink

President : CLI Select Agencies

Derek Kartchner

Agency Owner : Gila Insurance Group

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