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Nadia Akkawi


Viola Clark

Erin Twamley

Author of "Everyday Superheroes: Women in Energy Careers"

Remy Pangle

Executive Director - REpowering Schools

Chaun MacQueen

Senior Director - CE: Clean Energy, Bright Futures - Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Michael Arquin

Director - KidWind Project, Gale Force Education

Christina Calabrese


Amanda Polematidis


Eduarda Zoghbi


Jaimey Fulford


Janice Williams

Teacher, Trainer, Mentor & Edupreneur

Hosted by

Clean Energy Education and Workforce Alliance

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CE - Clean Energy. Bright Futures.

CE Bright Futures - Education for an Equitable Clean Energy Transition

REpowering Schools

Inspiring the next generation of the renewable energy workforce


Inspiring environmental action

Sun Tribe Solar

Building Solar. Reimagining Tomorrow.

Learning Blade

Energy Career Awareness for Middle Schools.

Vermont Energy Education Program

VEEP takes a hands-on minds on approach to energy and climate education.

Mesalands Community College

RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY Lead the Way at Mesalands Community College

Wisconsin Energy Institute

The WI Energy Institute is the home of energy research & education at UW-Madison.

We Share Solar

Power2Share: inspiring hands-on solar education from We Share Solar

Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Powering Alaska's Clean Energy Future

Solar Schoolhouse - The Rahus Institute

Solar Schoolhouse - Education Energized by the Sun

KEEP - Wisconsin's K-12 Energy Education Program

KEEP-Wisconsin’s K-12 Energy Education Program for Sustainable Communities

Interstate Renewable Energy Council

Independent Leadership. Trusted Clean Energy Expertise.