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CityLAB Winter 2021 Project Showcase

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CityLAB Hamilton

CityLAB is an innovation hub that brings together student, academic, and civic leaders to co-create a better Hamilton for all.

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HSRnow Mobile App and Accessibility

Improving the User Experience for People with Disabilities

Tracking Contaminants in Chedoke Creek

Using Smart Sensor Technology to Monitor the Contaminants in Real Time

The History of Stinson

Engaging Residents in the History of the Stinson Neighborhood

Resilient Works Scenario Analysis Tool

A Climate Resiliency Scenario Analysis Tool for Resilient Works

Upgraded Fire Detection System

Plans to Upgrade the current Fire Detection System in Hamilton

Hammer Home Diversity

EDI in the Hamilton Fire Department

AI Book Recommendation System for HPL

Content-Based Filter Recommendation

Making Homes out of Housing

Developing a Furniture Bank for CityHousing Hamilton

Building Accessible Communities

Improving Website & Social Media Accessibility for CityLAB Hamilton

Bridging the Divide

Beasley Neighbourhood Wi-Fi

Reaching Out

Hamilton Public Library Offline Programs

Connecting Families with Loved Ones in Long Term Care Homes

Real Time Communication Opportunities Between Families and Residents

Communication in Long-Term Care

Reconnecting Families with Loved Ones in Long Term Care Homes

Vanier Towers - A Community Housing Project

Improving the processes - data collection and analysis

Networking with Fire

Using Networked Devices to Stream Real Time Sensor Data to Commander

Portable Atmospheric Condition Transmitter

Enhancing Fire Situational Literacy with the HCFD

Fighting Fires With IOT

Early Fire Detection System