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CityLAB Hamilton

CityLAB is an innovation hub that brings together student, academic, and civic leaders to co-create a better Hamilton for all.

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Digital Equity in Beasley

Internet Access for a Marginalized Community

Building Upon Inclusion Campaigns

Recommendations & Solutions for Creating Effective Inclusion Campaigns

Precarious to Stable Housing

Exploring the ins & outs of Hamilton's housing supports & systems

Community Housing

Focusing on Community Needs

Breaking the Loop

Unaffordable Rental Housing: Project findings, evaluation & recommendations

Unlocking Municipal Land for Affordable Housing

Exploring viability of developing affordable housing on municipal land

Improving Hamilton's Rental Marketplace

An Exploration of Rental Housing in Hamilton

Deconstructing the Housing Crisis

Through the lens of market home rentals and homeownership in Hamilton

Welcome Aboard

Seeks to find ways to make Hamilton transit feel safer and positive

Greening Hamiltons Fleet

What is next for fleet greening beyond the current 2024 Green Fleet strategy?

Hamilton's History Today

Engaging a more diverse and representative sample of the community in the creation of the historical context statements.

Breaking Barriers

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Hamilton Fire Department

Pathways to Well-Being

Community Safety and Well-Being System Map