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Fred Eisenberger

Mayor, City of Hamilton

Juliana Weber

Project Coordinator, CityLAB

Wendy Zhang

CityLAB Events and Communications

Sophie Gordon

CityLAB Student

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CityLAB Hamilton

CityLAB is an innovation hub that brings together student, academic, and civic leaders to co-create a better Hamilton for all.

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HSR Schedule Adherence

HSR Reliability & Improving Real-time Information

The Dundas of Tomorrow

The Built Heritage Inventory Strategy

Reaching More Voters

Reaching More Voters for the 2020 Hamilton Municipal Election

Breaking Barriers in Firefighting

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the Hamilton Fire Department (HFD)

Putting BIPOC on the Map

Where are Hamilton's BIPOC Entrepreneurs located?

Voice Your Vote!

Making Municipal Elections More Accessible

Bridging the Digital Divide

Research into Seoul, Detroit, New York and Toronto Wi-Fi projects

Hamilton Public Library Wi-Fi Enhancement Project: Phase 2

Analyzing HPL's Wi-Fi problem to understand user's needs

Enhancing Wi-Fi User Experience at HPL

Analyzing Wi-Fi service at HPL and Recommend Solutions for Enhancement

BIPOC Entrepreneurship in Hamilton, ON

Research Existing Programs to Create a BIPOC Entrepreneurship Program

BIPOC Entrepreneurship in Hamilton

Exploring the Barriers Experienced by and Needs of BIPOC Entrepreneurs

Light Rail Transit, For the Community

Amplifying Resident Voices to Prioritize Community Needs and Desires

Who Are We Building Cities For?

Promoting Green Development Standards in Hamilton Through an EDI Lens

Cycling Towards Improved Public Engagement

How the City can Improve Public Consultation on Cycling Infrastructure