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Circular Regions Launch - bridging the bottom-up and top-down Circular Economy

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Cynthia Reynolds

Founder & Systems Architect

Laura Vidje

Systems Entrepreneur - Umeå Region

Camilla Brox

Systems Entrepreneur - Oslo Region

John Bylund

City of Umeå

Owen Laws

CEO Cykelakeriet

Philip Näslund

City of Umeå

Janet Ågren

City of Umeå

Natalia Mathisen

Norwegian Center of Circular Economy

Ander Eizaguirre

OECD - Circular Economy in Cities & Regions

Liv Öberg

City of Umeå

Lucas Rohlinger

City of Umeå

Sebastian Holmström

Circular Strategy Lead - Inrego AB

Peter Bäckström

International Business Developer - Uminova Innovation EEN

Johanna Cory

EU SUBTRACT project - Vakin

Joel Smedberg

CEO Brighteco AB

Jini Nälsén

Brighteco AB

Anna Moström

F/ACT Movement Umeå

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Hosted by

Circular Regions

A mission-oriented, data-driven platform supporting multi-stakeholder cross-sector regional Circular Economies for place-based innovation

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Circular Regions

Open-source Partnership Methodology & Toolkit

Multi-stakeholder Product Service Network

B2B & B2C & G2C & G2G - Product Service Network - Optimizing Asset utilisation across all stakeholders in a municipality

Cross-Sector Materials Network

B2B & G2B & B2G - turning waste streams into revenue streams for supply-chain transformation and a Circular Economy


G2C Government to Consumer - Electric cargo bike rentals


B2B - Business to Business - Reuse and repair of loading pallets


B2B & B2C - Business to Business & Consumer - Sustainable delivery and haulage


B2C, B2B, B2G - A car service area creating "A Road to Sustainability" since 2000

Umeå City Circular Strategy

G2C, G2G, G2B - Umeå City - a circular economy strategy and sharing cities


HAFSEN aims to support ambitious and motivated SME:s in the transition to more sustainable and circular business models.


B2B, B2G, B2C - Inrego brings refurbished IT from Sweden to the world,


G2B, G2G, G2C - EU SUBTRACT project looks at reuse centres and SMEs and identifies the conditions for them to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.


B2G, B2B, B2C - High end lighting built from waste and sold as a service


B2B - F/ACT Movement Umeå Pushing the fashion industry to become more sustainable. Through local, fashion interested consumers using Instagram to inspire and influence their followers and create a grass-root movement.