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Circular Regions Launch - bridging the bottom-up and top-down Circular Economy

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Philip Näslund

City of Umeå

Owen Laws

CEO Cykelakeriet

Lucas Rohlinger

City of Umeå

Liv Öberg

City of Umeå

Camilla Brox

Systems Entrepreneur - Oslo Region

Ander Eizaguirre

OECD - Circular Economy in Cities & Regions

Natalia Mathisen

Norwegian Center of Circular Economy

Janet Ågren

City of Umeå

John Bylund

City of Umeå

Laura Vidje

Systems Entrepreneur - Umeå Region

Cynthia Reynolds

Founder & Systems Architect

Anna Moström

F/ACT Movement Umeå

Jini Nälsén

Brighteco AB

Joel Smedberg

CEO Brighteco AB

Johanna Cory

EU SUBTRACT project - Vakin

Peter Bäckström

International Business Developer - Uminova Innovation EEN

Sebastian Holmström

Circular Strategy Lead - Inrego AB

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Hosted by

Circular Regions

A mission-oriented, data-driven platform supporting multi-stakeholder cross-sector regional Circular Economies for place-based innovation

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Circular Regions

Open-source Partnership Methodology & Toolkit

Multi-stakeholder Product Service Network

B2B & B2C & G2C & G2G - Product Service Network - Optimizing Asset utilisation across all stakeholders in a municipality

Cross-Sector Materials Network

B2B & G2B & B2G - turning waste streams into revenue streams for supply-chain transformation and a Circular Economy


G2C Government to Consumer - Electric cargo bike rentals


B2B - Business to Business - Reuse and repair of loading pallets


B2B & B2C - Business to Business & Consumer - Sustainable delivery and haulage


B2C, B2B, B2G - A car service area creating "A Road to Sustainability" since 2000

Umeå City Circular Strategy

G2C, G2G, G2B - Umeå City - a circular economy strategy and sharing cities


HAFSEN aims to support ambitious and motivated SME:s in the transition to more sustainable and circular business models.


B2B, B2G, B2C - Inrego brings refurbished IT from Sweden to the world,


G2B, G2G, G2C - EU SUBTRACT project looks at reuse centres and SMEs and identifies the conditions for them to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.


B2G, B2B, B2C - High end lighting built from waste and sold as a service


B2B - F/ACT Movement Umeå Pushing the fashion industry to become more sustainable. Through local, fashion interested consumers using Instagram to inspire and influence their followers and create a grass-root movement.