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Chemistry for the Environment

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Sam Olof

General Partner at Science Creates Ventures

Gael Gobaille-Shaw

Chief Technology Officer at Mission Zero Technologies | Chief Scientist at Supercritical Solutions

Dominic Falcão

Founding Director - Deep Science Ventures

Kathy Page

Programme Manager - Environment, Science Policy Unit at Royal Society of Chemistry

Prof. John McGeehan FRSB FRSC

Engineering Natural Enzymes for the Circular Recycling of Plastics

Prof. Christopher M. Rayner FRSC

Carbon Dioxide Capture Chemistry - From Laboratory to Power Station, and Beyond

Prof. Karen Hudson-Edwards

Metal Pollution from Mining: Challenges and Opportunities

Prof. Peter Styring FRSC

CO2 Utilisation: Driving a Renaissance in the Chemicals Sector

Miriam Ribul PhD

Multi-stakeholder material systems: designing with materials in 2021

Prof. Bhaskar Sen Gupta OBE

Solar powered, chemical, and waste-free arsenic removal system for community-level water treatment

Prof. Colin Snape FRSE

Adsorbents for CO2 capture: the challenges and the pitfalls regarding scale-up

Francis Lister

RSC Biotech Committee Member

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