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Chemistry for the Environment

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Prof. Colin Snape FRSE

Adsorbents for CO2 capture: the challenges and the pitfalls regarding scale-up

Prof. Bhaskar Sen Gupta OBE

Solar powered, chemical, and waste-free arsenic removal system for community-level water treatment

Miriam Ribul PhD

Multi-stakeholder material systems: designing with materials in 2021

Prof. Peter Styring FRSC

CO2 Utilisation: Driving a Renaissance in the Chemicals Sector

Prof. Karen Hudson-Edwards

Metal Pollution from Mining: Challenges and Opportunities

Prof. Christopher M. Rayner FRSC

Carbon Dioxide Capture Chemistry - From Laboratory to Power Station, and Beyond

Prof. John McGeehan FRSB FRSC

Engineering Natural Enzymes for the Circular Recycling of Plastics

Kathy Page

Programme Manager - Environment, Science Policy Unit at Royal Society of Chemistry

Dominic Falcão

Founding Director - Deep Science Ventures

Gael Gobaille-Shaw

Chief Technology Officer at Mission Zero Technologies | Chief Scientist at Supercritical Solutions

Sam Olof

General Partner at Science Creates Ventures

Francis Lister

RSC Biotech Committee Member

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RSC Biotechnology Special Interest Group