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Scott Chacon

CEO and co-founder of Chatterbug

Anastacia Kay

Educational Content Creator

Tobias Dickmeis

CPO and Co-founder at Tandem

Stephanie Wright

Head of Learning Content at Babbel

Anne Leuschner

COO at Chatterbug

Jennifer Jordan

VP & Global Head of Content at Babbel

Susan Wang

Principal at Learn Capital

Ghil‘ad Zuckermann

Professor of Linguistics and Chair of Endangered Languages at the University of Adelaide

David Guérin

Principle at Brighteye Ventures

Ross Darwin

Principal at Owl Ventures

Neil Ballantyne (Busuu)

Head of Learning Experience at Busuu

Dein Sprachcoach Maria

Founder of Dein Sprachcoach, Content Creator, Teacher, Pronunciation Expert

Joana Ussler

Learning Materials Developer at Lingoda

Ana Isabel Mena

Streamer at Chatterbug, Performer, Teacher

Gabriel Gelman

Co-founder of Spring Languages and founder of Sprachheld

Anjel Estensoro

Basque Teacher

Max Roberts

Streamer at Chatterbug

Emanuel Schuchart

Creator of Your Daily German

Stefanie Röher

Founder of LerneDeutsch, Content Creator, Teacher

Gianluca Pedrotti

Podcast host and Italian teacher at Babbel

Stella Hodkin Paris

Head of Language Services at CLEAR Global (aka Translators w/o Borders)

Emily Sabo

Content Creator at Mango Languages, PhD Linguistics, TV producer

Tim Lau

Research Manager

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