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Chatterconf 2021

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Scott Chacon

CEO and co-founder of Chatterbug

Inda Härtlein

Chief Learning Officer of Chatterbug

Hadiya Ahmed

Conversation Partner at NaTakallam

Tobias Dickmeis

CPO and Co-founder at Tandem

Lindsay Williams

Founder of Lindsay does Languages

Belen Caeiro

Director of Babbel Live

Geoff Stead

Chief Product Officer at Babbel

Etiene Dalcol (Polygloss)

Founder of Polygloss

Kirsten Campbell-Howes

Chief Learning Officer, Busuu

Philippa Wentzel

Instructional Designer at Lingoda

Felix Wunderlich

Co-founder of Lingoda

Aline Sara

Co-founder and CEO, NaTakallam

Michael Campbell

Founder and CEO, Glossika

Daniel Bögre Udell

Co-founder of Wikitongues

Onyinye Ibelegbu

CEO and Founder, NwaadaIgbo Language Services

Sandra Calvo

Spanish tutor at Chatterbug

Amandine L

French Tutor at Chatterbug

Ed Cooke

CEO and co-founder, Memrise

Neil Ballantyne (Busuu)

Lead Product Manager for Learning Experience at Busuu

Gabriel Wyner

CEO and founder, Fluent Forever

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We are an online language learning company that teaches language through adaptive courses, 1v1 video sessions with native speakers, and engaging and fun live streams.

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